TradInvestor Review
Forex Broker Reviews / October 17, 2019

TradInvestor is a Forex broker that also operates on other markets such as indices, stocks, commodities, etc. It has been established in 2018 and has relatively moderate experience in the field. With the lackluster TradInvestor promotions and suspicious regulatory measures (or no regulations, to be fair), we couldn’t be more eager to make a review of our own. So, without further ado, let’s get started. TradInvestor Review TradInvestor Forex broker might be appealing to some traders but for us, it represents a fraudulent company with no credible reputation whatsoever.

Tradeview Markets Review
Forex Broker Reviews / October 16, 2019

Online trading is a financial endeavor that offers very lucrative prospects. Traders all around the world have garnered vast amounts of wealth, not to mention the invaluable trading experience. The revenue prospects may seem tempting; however, you should keep in mind that you have to make sure everything works in your favor. This is particularly true for online brokers. They provide an online platform and their own trading conditions that’ll affect your experience. That’s why it’s essential that you choose the right broker. In this review, we’ll take a look at one such broker and find out, whether Tradeview Markets can be trusted or not! Tradeview Markets review TV Markets Forex broker stands out as a competitive brokerage with competitive trading terms and conditions. Many traders and financial analysts believe, these offerings are the real deal and there’s nothing wrong with the broker. However, we think otherwise…

RFXT review
Forex Broker Reviews / October 15, 2019

When starting Forex trading, you need to make sure you’ve got everything under control. Or at least, have thoroughly thought about the risks associated with online trading. This is especially true for selecting a Forex broker. The Internet is full of such companies that claim to have the most competitive trading conditions on the market. But, when it comes to weighing their offers against the credible ones, they start to reveal hidden flaws. The RFXT FX brokerage is yet another Forex broker that needs no less attention than others. In this review, we’re going to take a look at their trading terms and conditions, as well as see what their licensing is all about, and conclude, whether it is safe to trade with them or not. RFXT review This RFXT review shows that when it comes to shiny numbers and flashy trading conditions, you have to tread carefully and examine every little detail. Otherwise, you’ll get caught in a financial fraud and lose your money.

ATFX review
Forex Broker Reviews / October 8, 2019

Forex brokers are being registered left right and center these days, which sometimes outshines the old and experienced companies. In this ATFX review, we’d like to devote some time to a brokerage that has been affected by this Forex broker extravaganza. The broker is not well known in any way as it’s very hard to find anything trying to promote it. In fact, it was so hard to even hear this broker existed that we thought they were nothing but a call center. But no, the broker does have a license (albeit a not very trustworthy one) and a registered office in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Furthermore, the broker offers its traders leverage of 1:200 on Forex pairs, with a minimum deposit of $100 and a spread of 0.1 pips. This was quite a rapidfire method of delivering information, so we need to break all of the info down in the paragraphs to follow. Let’s find out if this broker is worth your time as either a beginner or veteran trader.   ATFX review Not the best choice for new traders  

All you need to know about the brokerage in this EagleFX review
Forex Broker Reviews / August 8, 2019

EagleFX is a Forex brokerage registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica and offering trades on currency pairs, company shares, cryptocurrencies and etc. Our initial EagleFX review has shown that the company is indeed a scam as the Commonwealth of Dominica does not regulate Forex brokerages, therefore they’re classified as an unlicensed offshore brokerage, and any company that has that classification is most definitely fraudulent. We offer our insight into the company’s trading conditions, legal issues and general features that customers can expect.   EagleFX review An obvious scam to stay away from  

An objective VivoTrader review to learn more about the broker
Forex Broker Reviews / June 14, 2019

When coming across to the new broker that looks nice, it is important to research the broker and find out details about it. That’s why we suggest reading VivoTrader review to make sure you know everything about the brokerage before you open an account. As today there are many cryptocurrency brokerages and exchanges you might get confused if the broker offers to sell and purchasing cryptocurrencies or if it offers CFDs on crypto. The website of the VivoTrader informs that it is not intended for buying and selling cryptocurrency assets. VivoTrader is CFDs broker that offers cryptocurrency trading exclusively. Hence, if you are searching for the broker to trade with CFDs on cryptocurrencies make sure to read the review and find out if the broker is suitable for you or not. VivoTrader Review A recommended broker  

IFS Markets Review
Forex Broker Reviews / March 11, 2019

IFS Markets is not a new brokerage in the Forex world. In fact, it is older than some of the most popular brokerages out there right now. So it may raise the question, why have I never heard of it? Well, there are a couple of reasons. According to our IFS Markets review, we found out that the broker is exclusive for Australian clients only. They feature an ASIC license with the number 323 193 and have been operating in the country for nearly 13 years now. 13 years is like a couple of lifetimes for Forex broker standards, which needs to be commended broker. IFS Markets Review Experienced, but not worth the hassle.  

Is Libramarkets a scam or is it a legit broker?
Forex Broker Reviews / March 3, 2019

The world is increasingly migrating towards online resources and virtual production. This means that every company, be it heavy production or service provider, has to get in touch with their clients using an online platform. Thanks to the proliferation of the internet, it’s incredibly easy to set up a small company and get a good website for it. Unfortunately, though, this process also attracts lots of scammers and fraudulent entities. The same process is evident in Forex trading. Brokerages from all around the world are springing up like mushrooms in a recently-rained forest soil. And the danger of getting involved in some sort of a Ponzi scheme increases exponentially. That’s why it’s of utmost importance to take your time and choose your broker as carefully as possible. And that’s why we have prepared this Libramarkets review to help you make a correct decision. Libramarkets Review

GigaFX review
Forex Broker Reviews / February 12, 2019

When choosing a Forex brokerage there are a lot of nuances that need your attention. The reason is that those nuances can quickly grow into serious problems and lead to a loss of capital without a hope to recover them. Today we will look over the GigaFX reviews and make one of our own. We will try to determine whether or not the GigaFX scam is a reality or just a rumor. We will look over the technical as well as the legal aspects of the brokerage and try to make our decisions based on them. GigaFX Review A Shady Company!   GigaFX Review The company seems to be based in the EU since they offer customer support from UK, German and Estonian numbers only leaving us to speculate whether or not they have a base of operations there. Nevertheless, the company is happy to accommodate European traders, however there is one little problem with the whole ordeal. is not regulated within the jurisdiction of the EU. it is actually not regulated anywhere as a matter of fact. However, their website says otherwise. While not clearly stating that they hold a regulatory license, the company claims to be compliant…

KontoFX Broker Review
Forex Broker Reviews / January 22, 2019

Several updates have been made to the KontoFX platform in 2019. An important update was the inclusion of new software for the brokerage. A KontoFX review here details the application of their personal WebTrader and how it affects their efficiency in the grand theme of things. The rest of the features remain unchanged. KontoFX is a new cryptocurrency brokerage that has entered the market only in 2018. The broker claims they position themselves as a reliable broker that delivers unique trading experience, they state that they aim to built satisfy the needs of every kind of a customer and to build a partnership with the clients that ensure them that KontoFX is a way to their success. However, some of the KontoFX reviews suggest that the broker is spam. In our review we will look deeper in the features of the broker to answer the main question – can investors trust this broker or is KontoFX fraud? KontoFX Review Best crypto choice!