FXRoad Review
Uncategorized / April 26, 2024

The website of FXRoad is owned and operated by 4Square SY Ltd, a Seychelles and Cyprus-based brokerage company. FXRoad is a regulated Forex and CFDs broker overseen by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) in Seychelles. The broker is legitimate and provides several safety policies, including negative balance protection and segregated bank accounts. FXRoad is also a member of the investor compensation scheme and has AML and KYC policies. The negative balance protection ensures traders won’t lose more than their initial investment amount, while segregated bank accounts keep traders’ funds untouched by the broker personnel. Overall, despite being regulated offshore, FXRoad seems very serious about regulations and safety. FXRoad provides diverse trading account options such as silver, gold, platinum, and Islamic. The Islamic account comes with spreads from 0.6 pips on major pairs, making it one of few brokers with superior Islamic trading experience. In this review, we are going to dive deep and evaluate all the important features of FXRoad including assets, accounts, platforms, education, support, and more. FXRoad review Full FXRoad trading platform review FXRoad FX Trading Broker Overview FXRoad provides access to diverse markets including Forex pairs, crypto assets, indices, popular commodities, and stock CFDs. The leverage system…

3 best books about poker that can help you in trading
Forex Books / August 28, 2018

While there is no way to become an expert in either poker or trading overnight, one must start somewhere. Books are a great source of knowledge when it comes to understanding different strategies. While many traders might look for literature in the trading department, it might be smarter to look for inspiration elsewhere, namely in poker. Many books have been written about poker strategies. We have selected the best three that might help the readers become more skilled traders as well (based on Norskecasino.casino article). The Theory of Poker – David Sklansky This 1994 classic is definitely a must-read when it comes to poker. David Sklansky has an impressive bibliography with credits to fourteen books on gambling and poker. He is not just an author, but has the track record to prove his understanding of the game as well. Sklansky has won three World Series of Poker bracelets as well as the Poker By The Book invitational event on the 2004 World Poker Tour. His total live tournament winnings exceed $1.35 million. The Theory of Poker is arguably his best work. It is regarded as a required reading for anyone who is interested in game theory in general. The book…

Must read books about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
Forex Books , Other / September 25, 2017

The year 2017 has definitely put a dent in cryptocurrencies. Every day we see more people than ever before showing interest in the bitcoin and altcoins, and these people tend to come from completely random social and age groups. While some five years ago the bitcoin has been mostly popular within the IT specialists, today you can see even see BTC-related discussions in the young moms groups on facebook. We are not going to discuss whether the bitcoin is a bubble or not. Neither we are going to make you invest into cryptocurrencies or discourage you from doing it. Our rule of thumb is quite simply – do not invest into something you do not understand. Hence, today we are going to take a look at the most useful books about the cryptocurrencies for you, read them to get a better sense of what the bitcoin is and see if this is something suitable for your investment portfolio. Wildcat Currency by Edward Castronova The bitcoin is a digital currency that is based on the blockchain technology. As a result of this innovation, people get to use a completely decentralised type of money and benefit from the full anonymity. Hence, the…

Trading beyond currencies: The Game Skins

Being a trader is a great profession. It allows a person to make the substantial income from online trading from nearly any place in the world. And the only things that are needed are the laptop (or even a smartphone) and the Internet connection. Well, we are certainly exaggerating here. One has to have the nerves of steel, fast reaction, some great experience in various markets, advanced knowledge, and quite some analytical skills to be successful in the FX and CFDs markets. However, the returns are attractive too.

Will German regulators treat trading as gambling?
Forex Books / June 4, 2017

There has been a wave of regulation reform across Europe targeting the Forex, CFD and binary options markets. Germany has not been left behind in the wave, and they too have repealed the regulations governing leveraged CFD products. These include Forex pairs, commodities and even stocks.

How not to gamble on the FX market
Forex Books / May 26, 2017

By definition, gambling simply means throwing caution to the winds and hoping for the best. It is possible to gamble in the Forex market, and sometimes you may win, but it’s also the easiest way to lose all your money. After all, casinos make money because they know you can’t make money consistently if you gamble. The point is not to gamble at online casinos when trading the FX market, and here are a few tips on how not to:

Larry Williams How To Trade Better

Are you afraid of loosing your deposit? Larry Williams has written a book “How to Trade Better: Eliminate Your Fear” that will help you to overcome your fears! Bring your trading to the whole new level using strategies recommended by professional! Download it for free in pdf from this page!