TradeEU broker review

January 5, 2023

TradeEU is a CFD broker regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and exchange commission (CySEC). The CFD broker offers more than 250 different instruments for trading that are available through 3 account types.

The CFD broker provides access to the best multi-asset trading platform, MetaTrader 5. The MT5 was released in 2010, quickly gained popularity and even today, remains unchallenged when it comes to trading various asset classes. The MT5 is highly reliable, filled with useful charting methods and various indicators that are pre-installed when downloading the platform. What’s more, you can build your own or purchase custom-built trading robots or indicators for your MT5 platform.

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TradeEU Review

CySEC regulated European broker

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Account types

Some traders are interested in high speed, high frequency intraday trading, while others like to make well planned trades, and they need more time to aim well. In addition, traders differ based on their level of experience, availability of funds and trading styles. To meet the needs of different traders, TradeEU offers Silver, Gold and Platinum account types.

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Silver Account

When using silver account, you get the access to trading all 250+ assets offered by this broker. Leverage is 30:1, hedging is allowed and Eas (via the MT5 platform) are supported. What’s more, traders can access daily analysis and educational material, which is great for novice traders. Spreads start from 2.5 pips, and there are no commissions on Forex, Metals, Stocks, Energy, Commodities, and Indices.

Gold Account

Gold account holders get tighter spreads than Silver account holders. Spreads start from 1.3 pips. This account type is for more seasoned traders and shares many similarities with the Silver and Platinum accounts, such as 30:1 leverage, access to 250+ instruments, having EUR as account currency, 50% stop out level, hedging allowance and the availability of using EAs (via the MT5 platform).

Platinum Account

Platinum and Gold account holders can have the assistance of the  account managers. What’s more, Platinum account holders are charged with the lowest spread markups, starting from as low as 0.7 pips. Educational material and daily analysis are just as easily accessible for these account holders as in the case of Gold and Platinum accounts.

Assets offered

TradeEU offers more than 250 assets for trading. The assets come from various asset classes. You can find CFDs in Forex pairs, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities and Stockswith this broker.

tradeeu assets

CFDs are great for probable speculating the markets and might benefit from short and medium-term price fluctuations. Let’s discuss each asset class offered by TradeEU to better understand CFDs.

Forex pairs – with TradeEU, you can trade Major, Minor and Exotic currency pairs. Spreads depend on account types: Silver account (2.5 pips), Gold account (1.3 pips), and Platinum account (0.7 pips). Keep in mind that there are no commissions. Leverage is up to 30:1. Be noted that Major pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF are the most liquid currency pairs. And therefore, some with the best spreads.

Cryptocurrencies as CFDs – cryptos as CFDs is considered to be a good option  for trading short and medium term than purchasing crypto tokens. CFD traders can go long or short and benefit from price moving any direction, they don’t have to worry about where to cash out and where to store their tokens. It’s worth mentioning that for long term investing, acquiring physical assets such as tokens, real stocks and physical precious metals is preferred as there are no rollover fees. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that CFD traders can benefit from using leverage (borrowed money from their broker) to increase their purchasing power.

Stocks as CFDs – Stocks offered by TradeEU include Meta (Facebook parent company), Google, Alibaba, Amazon, etc. Stocks as CFDs can be traded in bullish and bearish markets by going long or short, respectively. While real stocks do not make money in the falling markets.

Indices – indices are following certain basket of publicly traded companies. For example, US 500 or more widely known S&P 500 measures the performance of top 500 US companies. And therefore, traders often use this index as an indicator of American economic health. Traders can use indices as a source of getting technical information, or they can trade them as CFDs. TradeEU offers access to FTSE 100, CAC 40, Nikkei 225, etc.

Commodities – commodities are classified into hard and soft commodities. TradeEU offers both. Hard commodities are the ones that can be mined, such as: Gold, Platinum, Natural Gas, Oil, etc. Soft commodities are resources that can be grown. Soft commodities offered by TradeEU include: Cattle, Corn, Sugar, etc.

Funding options

Deposits and withdrawals are made using multiple methods. Credit/Debit card options such as Visa, Mastercard and Maestro transactions are free of charge and are instant. You can also use Bank Wire transfer, however, be noted that funds may take 1-3 business days to reach your trading account. The account base currency is Euro on all account types. You can use other currencies to make a deposit as well, and your bank will automatically convert the funds into Euros.

Customer support of TradeEU

TradeEU offers professional and friendly Customer Support. The support is available 24/5 via email and on telephone. What’s more, Gold and Platinum account holders get account managers that further improve the broker’s assistance.. The webpage as well as customer support is accessible in English, German and Portuguese.


To sum everything up, TradeEU is a regulated CFD broker that offers different account types: Silver, Gold, Platinum. There are more than 250 available instruments including CFDs on FX pairs, commodities, indices, shares  and Cryptos. Account currency is Euro and available leverage is up to 30:1. There are various funding options available: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Bank Wire Transfer. Customer support is professional and super friendly. The CS is available 24/5. In addition, Gold and Platinum account holders can get the assistance of personal account managers from the broker.

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