Trading beyond currencies: The Game Skins

Being a trader is a great profession. It allows a person to make the substantial income from online trading from nearly any place in the world. And the only things that are needed are the laptop (or even a smartphone) and the Internet connection. Well, we are certainly exaggerating here. One has to have the nerves of steel, fast reaction, some great experience in various markets, advanced knowledge, and quite some analytical skills to be successful in the FX and CFDs markets. However, the returns are attractive too.

Larry Williams How To Trade Better

Are you afraid of loosing your deposit? Larry Williams has written a book “How to Trade Better: Eliminate Your Fear” that will help you to overcome your fears! Bring your trading to the whole new level using strategies recommended by professional! Download it for free in pdf from this page!

Ryan Jones Money Management

Is money management important in Forex trading? The book Mathematics of Money Management by Ryan Jones in pdf will tell you the truth! Find out best money management techniques and implement them into you trading in order to become one of the best traders in the world. Download this book now!

Mark Crisp 7 Habits of Trader

Trading Forex is not just about analysis and making correct predictions. Pro traders agree that trading psychology is also one of the most important aspects. Download Mark Crisp’s book 7 Habits of Trader in pdf and you will find out which habits will help you to get profits and which ones should be omitted. Download now, for free!

Mark Douglas The Disciplined Trader

Having problems with Forex discipline or just not sure how to deal with down-streaks and losses? Mark Douglas – The Disciplined Trader in pdf will tell you how to manage your trading capital and how to have a strict trading discipline! Most important rules on both discipline and psychology are explained in this book. Download it now for free!