Is Libramarkets a scam or is it a legit broker?
Forex Broker Reviews / March 3, 2019

The world is increasingly migrating towards online resources and virtual production. This means that every company, be it heavy production or service provider, has to get in touch with their clients using an online platform. Thanks to the proliferation of the internet, it’s incredibly easy to set up a small company and get a good website for it. Unfortunately, though, this process also attracts lots of scammers and fraudulent entities. The same process is evident in Forex trading. Brokerages from all around the world are springing up like mushrooms in a recently-rained forest soil. And the danger of getting involved in some sort of a Ponzi scheme increases exponentially. That’s why it’s of utmost importance to take your time and choose your broker as carefully as possible. And that’s why we have prepared this Libramarkets review to help you make a correct decision. Libramarkets Review

GigaFX review
Forex Broker Reviews / February 12, 2019

When choosing a Forex brokerage there are a lot of nuances that need your attention. The reason is that those nuances can quickly grow into serious problems and lead to a loss of capital without a hope to recover them. Today we will look over the GigaFX reviews and make one of our own. We will try to determine whether or not the GigaFX scam is a reality or just a rumor. We will look over the technical as well as the legal aspects of the brokerage and try to make our decisions based on them. GigaFX Review A Shady Company!   GigaFX Review The company seems to be based in the EU since they offer customer support from UK, German and Estonian numbers only leaving us to speculate whether or not they have a base of operations there. Nevertheless, the company is happy to accommodate European traders, however there is one little problem with the whole ordeal. is not regulated within the jurisdiction of the EU. it is actually not regulated anywhere as a matter of fact. However, their website says otherwise. While not clearly stating that they hold a regulatory license, the company claims to be compliant…

KontoFX Broker Review
Forex Broker Reviews / January 22, 2019

Several updates have been made to the KontoFX platform in 2019. An important update was the inclusion of new software for the brokerage. A KontoFX review here details the application of their personal WebTrader and how it affects their efficiency in the grand theme of things. The rest of the features remain unchanged. KontoFX is a new cryptocurrency brokerage that has entered the market only in 2018. The broker claims they position themselves as a reliable broker that delivers unique trading experience, they state that they aim to built satisfy the needs of every kind of a customer and to build a partnership with the clients that ensure them that KontoFX is a way to their success. However, some of the KontoFX reviews suggest that the broker is spam. In our review we will look deeper in the features of the broker to answer the main question – can investors trust this broker or is KontoFX fraud? KontoFX Review Best crypto choice!

UproFX review
Forex Broker Reviews / January 8, 2019

Choosing a good Forex broker is probably one of the most taxing activities for the mind. The number of details that you need to look into is just overwhelming. There are leverage offerings, spreads, licensing – all sorts of important stuff that you need to examine before making the important decision. Unfortunately, it is incredibly easy to make inherently fraudulent offers seem credible and sell them to the wider public. It just takes a professional copywriting and good visual design; usually, that’s how the majority of beginner traders get scammed in the first place. Therefore in order to help you avoid this type of unpleasant experience, we have compiled the most important features in our UproFX review. Here you will not only find out about the broker itself but also how to rate and review everyone else.

An overview of Forex broker
Forex Broker Reviews / October 14, 2018

When it comes the time to pick the most ideal Forex broker, many traders find themselves swamped because there are hundreds if not thousands of FX brokers to choose from. You will need to rigorously evaluate and compare several FX brokers’ features in order to be able to pick the right one. is one of the many FX brokers you can opt for. In this review, we are going to take a peek at some of the key features of the firm. This will help us know whether the broker is legit or not.

An overview of Finq Forex broker
Forex Broker Reviews / September 27, 2018 has a pleasant layout. It is one of those websites which many Finq reviews will say is easy to understand and navigate. But as we all know, the website layout is just but a small factor which a trader must look into when in search of a good Forex broker. In our Finq review, we are going to look into features such as regulation and licensing details of the broker, customer support, types of accounts and leverage.

ContinueFX Forex broker review
Forex Broker Reviews / September 2, 2018

ContinueFX is a Forex and CFD broker. Even though the firm offers a variety of trading accounts, no real information is provided on the difference in the actual trading conditions for the premier clients. According to the official website of the broker, ContinueFX which is also referred to as Continue Markets Limited is incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as an International Broker Company. The registration number allocated to the firm is 24452 IBC 2018. The broker offers its services to anyone from around the world save for residents of the USA, Myanmar, North Korea, Iraq, and Cuba.

Uniglobe Markets Forex broker review
Forex Broker Reviews / September 2, 2018

Uniglobe Markets Forex broker has been around for some years now. The broker offers online Forex and CFD trading services to clients around the world. There are several things that every Forex trader should pay attention to before opening an account with any broker. In order to save your hard-earned money and also avoiding the anguish of knowing you have been conned, let us go through some of the features of this broker.

Weiss Finance Forex broker review
Forex Broker Reviews / September 2, 2018

Weiss Finance Forex broker which also offers cryptocurrency trading services is one of the latest entrants in the industry. It was started in August 2017. The company which offers support in both English and Germany has an aim of becoming one of the best in the industry. However, like every other FX broker, it must be subjected to the usual test to help us determine whether it is a worthy broker or not. In this Weiss Finance review, we are going to look into licensing, registration, types of accounts and customer service to help us make a case for or against the broker.

Alvexo review
Forex Broker Reviews / July 18, 2018

There are numerous questions that you as a Forex trader should ask before you finally decide to make your first deposit money into your new FX account. Such things like whether the broker is licensed or the minimum amount of initial deposit should be clear to you from the start. In our Alvexo review, we are going to look into these things and which will then help you determine whether it is safe to trust your money into their hands.