iFOREX Propels You Toward Your Goals

April 4, 2023

It’s a good idea to start your CFD financial trading with an established company that manages a large trading volume. This way, you benefit from the large amounts of liquidity on the platform, but also from knowing their record of legal compliance and customer reviews. Just the fact that an online trading brokerage has been around for many years is a good sign. It tends to indicate that both clients and regulators are pleased with the way they do business.

iFOREX Propels You Toward Your Goals

iFOREX has been , when it emerged as one of the pioneers in online trading. The driving forces behind their enduring success have not only been their honest business-dealings and legal compliance. One of the main things that keeps people loyal to iFOREX is their unique trading platform. Rather than merely importing a third-party interface, iFOREX built their own one, from the bottom up.

The aim was not simply to connect people to the financial markets and give them the chance to trade. It was to function as a reliable home base, where traders could sharpen their skills, refresh their knowledge, and get some guidance before continuing on their trading journeys. Clients’ interests are protected with features like Negative Balance Protection, which keeps your account from going into a minus, and firewalls that keep your private data safe. This is all part of iFOREX’s ethos of making financial trading safe, .

But the iFOREX platform is a lot more than that. It’s made to empower.

The iFOREX Platform

testify that the platform is sleek, simple, and powerful. The first thing you may notice is that the interface you’ll be dealing with is friendly and uncluttered, so you can stay focused on trading. When you open up the app, you’ll find an enormous range of over 750 tradable CFD instruments, across a spectrum of industries and markets. At your convenience, you can trade in the price movements of WTI Oil, the US Tech 100, big currency pairs like the USD/JPY, and many others. As your understanding of the financial markets deepens and expands, you can know you have the power start trading in a new market whenever you choose. You’ll also be able to diversify your portfolio in any number of ways.

iFOREX traders enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology, receiving up-to-the-minute price information and trading signals, but also live charts and indicators. Just flick to the news section to find a wide variety of relevant financial news that’s regularly refreshed. And check out the Economic Calendar to stay informed about the economic events that are likely to impact your instrument’s prices in the coming weeks.

Fix your stop-loss orders and design your deals to work exactly as you want, and draw from the platform’s rich source of educational materials according to your needs. You can open up easy-to-read articles on fundamental topics like “Market Sentiment” or “Risk Management”, but you can also read up on advanced subjects like “Bollinger Bands” and “What is a Momentum Indicator?”

A Human Face

iFOREX can equally be proud of the real, human client support they offer, which you can access by telephone or email in a variety of languages. You won’t find yourself growing old as you wait for a consultant to answer your call or contact you. On the contrary, the personnel you’ll be in contact with are eager to help you out, whether it’s with a practical matter like registration or a more complicated one to do with your funds.

Something it’s worth discussing with iFOREX staff is your choice of the different account options available on the platform. Once the staff understand your individual goals and needs, they’ll be able to set you up the most suitable account. iFOREX made communication paramount because they want you to stay assured and at-ease in your financial trading.

Wrapping Up

The educational materials are also available in the format of video tutorials, for those who prefer to learn visually. You can even learn interactively with a real trading coach, which is an opportunity many clients value highly. And, before starting to trade with real money, test out the platform with a $5,000 demo account, so you can get the feel of it first.

All in all, the iFOREX platform was designed to be the handiest possible financial tool you could have, and make your trading journey as safe, steady, and empowering as it could be.