Forex Stop Loss Strategy
Strategies / July 4, 2016

Knowing when to exit a trade can be a problem to many of you. You might learn everything there is to know about trends, charts, and various popular trading methods, but if you don’t know when a trade is going south and miss an opportunity to place an exit, it is of no use to you in your business. Every serious Forex trader pays close attention to safety and setting a stop loss order is a clever way to protect their funds.

Price Action Forex Trading Strategy
Strategies / July 4, 2016

When it comes to various trading strategies, successful Forex traders often point out that it is impossible to trade without combining both fundamental and technical analysis within a trading strategy you are using. Yes, that might be the safest approach to trading Forex, but there are plenty of solid trading strategies which do not have both of those elements.

Best Forex Trend Trading Strategy
Strategies / July 4, 2016

If you have been wondering which trading strategy is the most popular among Forex traders, the answer would be the trend trading strategy. It is the go-to trading method when you are uncertain as to which approach to take or you are simply confused by the other options out there. Forex trend trading strategy is easy to learn and very straight forward. It is suitable for beginners but many professional traders swear by it as well.

Forex Carry Trade Strategy
Strategies / July 4, 2016

It is simply impossible to successfully trade on Forex if you don’t have a certain set of rules to follow each time you turn on your computer and start looking at the various charts in front of you. With plenty of strategies to choose from, you shouldn’t have any problems choosing the one that will suit you the best.

Forex Grid Strategy
Articles , Strategies / March 6, 2016

Traders often get intimidated once they see various charts most commonly used with different . Yes, they will eventually learn how to use and analyse them properly in order to incorporate them into their trading methods, but is there an easier way to create a strategy that works well and there will be no need for you to spend hours and hours in front of the screen every day? There sure is. We will introduce you to Forex grid trading system in this article and you will see how easy Forex trading can be. Forex Grid Strategy If spending less time on thorough market analysis and focusing on just a couple of most important details is your trading method goal, this strategy might be exactly what you need. The basics of Forex grid strategy Before we start explaining what Forex grid trading is in detail, it is important to know that you need to have the as well as some experience when it comes to analysing the charts and understanding how they actually work. Diving straight into Forex grid system without any previous comprehension is not recommended. To put it as simply as possible, Forex grid strategy focuses on a…

Inside Bar Forex Trading Strategy
Strategies / March 6, 2016

In order to create a successful that will work for you in the long run, it is important to consider all possible trading strategies available to you. There are plenty of different trading styles to choose from and you have to decide which one will suit you the best. If you have any previous knowledge of candlestick patterns, you will get a full grasp of inside bar Forex strategy in no time. It might seem difficult in the beginning but we are sure you are capable of mastering it and using inside bar trading strategy to your advantage. Inside Bar Forex Trading Strategy Candlestick patterns are visual and inside bar Forex trading strategy might be the most suitable trading method you can use in order to test out your abilities when it comes to spotting a trend. The basics of inside bar trading strategy Inside bars strategy involves analysing the candlestick patterns and identifying the inside bar in comparison to a previous bar (or the mother bar). It needs to be either smaller or within the range of a previous bar. This means that the inside bar has to be lower than the mother bar’s high and the low of…

Daily Chart Trading Secrets
Articles , Strategies / October 4, 2015

Price action lend themselves really well to daily chart Forex trading, but so many people ignore these simple techniques in the quest for more elaborate trading systems that will have them sat in front of the computer all day long. Yet you can be a professional trader on less than one hour a day, and you can have the rest of your time to enjoy life, or you may even decide to keep your day job! 99% of the people, come to Forex for easy money or so they don’t have to sit at their desk being told what to do all day long. But after a short time in the markets most traders are doing way more hours than they did at work, and they are probably a lot more stressed out as well. Trading ends up turning into a nightmare job and eventually it becomes too much and the trader quits.

Robust Mechanical System
Articles , Strategies / October 3, 2015

Most Forex traders are familiar with Candlestick Charts. Candlestick charts are invented by Japanese rice traders in the 16th centuries. Over the centuries these charts have been perfected into an art form. But how about another Japanese invention, the Renko Charts? Yes, Renko Charts are another Japanese creation that has been widely used in Forex trading yet, many Forex traders might never heard of these charts. These charts are based on price only not on time. On a regular candlestick chart or a bar chart after a fixed time interval, you will find a new candlestick or a bar but not on the Renko Chart.