TradInvestor Review

October 17, 2019

TradInvestor is a Forex broker that also operates on other markets such as indices, stocks, commodities, etc.

It has been established in 2018 and has relatively moderate experience in the field. With the lackluster TradInvestor promotions and suspicious regulatory measures (or no regulations, to be fair), we couldn’t be more eager to make a review of our own. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

TradInvestor Review

TradInvestor Forex broker might be appealing to some traders but for us, it represents a fraudulent company with no credible reputation whatsoever.

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Legal measures

Even though we’re talking about the regulatory notices in this article, there’s actually not much to say. The broker doesn’t say a single word about where it has been established or which financial institution issued a license.

This leads us to believe that the broker is actually free of any legal boundaries. And even with its fancy AML (anti-money laundering) claims and positive TradInvestor reviews on the internet, the broker still doesn’t convince us that it’s a credible entity with responsible customer service.

To be honest, it’s not surprising to find out about no license. Companies, who want to hide their earnings, as well as illegal activities from powerful governments, register their businesses in other, relatively small countries – or even forget about registration altogether.

So, nothing is new here.

Should you trust TradInvestor promotions?

Another important factor when reviewing the TradInvestor FX brokerage is its trading terms and conditions.

The broker offers not-too-impressive 1:100 leverage which is way lower than the market average of about 1:300.

On the other hand, 0.1 pips for spreads is a really good offer. However, it doesn’t cover a hefty minimum deposit requirement of 2,500 EUR. We honestly wouldn’t expect such a high demand from a company that has been in existence for just over a year!

We think that the broker poses such a heavy load on its customers to reap as much profit as possible. And when it comes to promising something noteworthy in return, TradeInvestor doesn’t really bother itself too much.

Even underwhelming are the withdrawal/deposit methods. The broker features slow and insecure payment platforms like wired transfer and credit/debit cards. These platforms are susceptible to hacker attacks, as well as take ages to complete transactions.

Not only that, you’re not allowed to withdraw any amount of money that you want. The minimum amount eligible for withdrawal is $100. Even in this aspect, the broker shows that it focuses on your money and not the profits it can give back to you.

This is further demonstrated by substantial commission fees, which vary from 10 to 50 USD.

Our final verdict

In conclusion, the broker clearly seems to have one and only desire: to rob its customers as much as it can without sacrificing too much of its own funds.

Unimpressive leverages, hefty deposit requirements, big commissions, no license – these are some of the most prevalent downsides that make our final verdict so easy to make:

If you value your financial stability, stay away from TradInvestors! You’ll thank us later.

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