Capixal Review – Why you should invest your funds in Capixal?

March 10, 2021

Capixal broker was established in 2021. Even though it’s a newly-established company, it is among the best brokers online. Capixal is a regulated and licensed company. It is fully legit and trustworthy. It provides customers with superb safety and security.

One of the advantages of the Capixal is the account types which furnishes traders with plenty of modern and useful features. Each of the accounts is suited for people with different kinds of experiences and interests. Capixal provides traders with 3 types of trading platforms, that offer traders newly-developed and modern features. What’s more, Capixal offers investors various analytical tools, charts, customized notifications, daily news, and updates, educational materials, a dedicated account manager, and many more.

The above-discussed information is a piece of common and basic information about the broker. To get more details about the mentioned company read our Capixal review, where you can find more interesting and useful information.

Capixal review

Capixal brokerage is regulated broker that lets you trade currencies, stocks, and other securities.

Sign up with Capixal Review – Is It Legit?

Are you overwhelmed by the large number of scammers whose only goal is to steal your funds and earned money? If yes, you can trade with Capixal, which provides you with wonderful safety and security.

First of all, it should be said, that the broker is a regulated and licensed company by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Capixal is a trading name of IFC Investment Cyprus LTD. On the website, we’ve found their license number, as well, which is 327/16.

Besides, you can get further information about the company’s legitimacy. The date of the company’s license is 21/09/2016 and the registration number is 342390. You can also find detailed information, like telephone number, Fax, E-mail, and Approved domains. What’s more, we’ve found on the Capixal website information about the regulator’s address, which is Office 203, 2nd floor, P. Lordos Centre, Makariou III, Arch, Limassol, Cyprus.

Every piece of information given above can be found on Capixal’s website. This proves that the broker is fully legit and trustworthy. It is available in almost 30 countries, including Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark, Iceland. So, the answer to the question ‘Is Capixal legit?’ is definitely yes.

Capixal Opinion – What type of accounts can you open at Capixal?

In this part of the review, you’ll be provided with information about the broker’s available accounts and their main features. Firstly, you can find 3 types of accounts for retail traders:

  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account
  • Platinium Account

What’s more, Capixal furnishes traders with a professional account. Professional accounts offer investors plenty of opportunities to earn money easily. Besides, for creating a professional account there are some requirements to fulfill and conditions to consider. One of the requirements is that your portfolio should be estimated at more than 500 000 EUR. Professional account users can profit with high leverage like 1:400 and 1:500, it depends on the assets.

Each of the mentioned retail accounts provides traders with FX leverage 1:30. It may not be too high, however, because of the regulated system, which is defined for the EU members, it’s prohibited to have the leverage of more than 1:30 for retail traders. Besides, until you create a live account and start trading, you can make a demo version for each of the accounts. Transactions and withdrawals for all accounts are commission-free.

Now it’s time to overview Capixal Accounts in more detail and see what profits can we get from each of them.

Silver Account

Silver Account, first of all, supports investors with a hedging function, which helps you to stop your losses and take your profit. It also furnishes you with a range of capacities and advantages. You can easily make fast transactions and buy or sell your preferred assets like commodities, currencies, indices, and many more.

Silver Account is the most suited account for those traders, who are newbies in the FX industry. The mentioned account provides them with plenty of analytical tools and allows them to have access to more than 350 assets.

What’s more, it furnishes traders with flexible spreads and the average execution speed for Silver Account users is 0.08. Silver Account customers can have access to the unique education materials too.

However, some features aren’t available for Silver Account users and can be found in more advanced accounts like Gold and Platinium Accounts.

Gold Account

The Gold Account is specially made for the investors whose performance on the markets is prominent. It is suitable for those traders who have experience operating in the FX market and whose main goal is to raise their earnings.

Like Silver Account, Gold Account users have access to the hedging function, are using the fifth decimal feature. Capixal Gold Account provides traders with additional functions like a dedicated account manager. Also, it offers customers a swap discount of 25%, which supports them to trade with a big profit.

Platinium Account

Platinium Account is the most advanced account for retail traders. It provides customers with various features. All of the above-mentioned features like hedging, fifth decimal, dedicated account manager, the educational hub are available for Platinium Account users.

The additional features which are provided by Capixal Platinium Account are a 50% swap discount, free VPS, which furnishes you with extra safety and security. Also, those investors who are using Platinium Account can profit with a feature of customized investment news, which allows them to get updates on essential and useful things.

Capixal Review

Capixal Review – What are the existing commission fees?

Traders in most cases find it annoying to pay extra fees while making deposits, transactions, and so on. Capixal is one of those few brokers, that provides traders with no commission fees. So, you don’t have to pay for conducting trade-related processes, instead, you can maximally be focused on the trading, analyze the situation and get great profits.

Capixal Brokerage – What are the available assets you can trade with?

Capixal is one of the outstanding Forex broker companies because of its affordable assets. At Capixal investors can trade with more than 350 assets. They can have access to both underlying assets and trade with CFDs, which are getting more and more trendy among traders. Capixal furnishes customers with assets like:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indices
  • Stocks
  • Currencies
  • Commodities

Mostly, the trading hours for all of the mentioned assets are defined as 24 hours. Let’s overview available assets at Capixal and see what are the advantages of trading with them.

Commodity Trading

Capixal brokerage, as we already mentioned, offers its assets through CFD trading. So, you don’t have to buy them directly, instead, you can speculate on the possible price movements and operate successfully in the market. At Capixal there are more than 25 accessible commodity CFDs. Each of them is prominent with their high values in the marketplace. So, you can gain money by buying and selling them.

You can trade with both soft commodities and precious metals. For portfolio diversification commodity trading is one of the most famous ways. Firstly, you can start studying the market carefully, through the features which re provided by Capixal, including educational materials, analytical tools, and economic calendars. After analyzing the situation and updates which are taking place in the marketplace you can start trading with commodities. Some of the commodities you can trad at Capixal are:

  • Natural Gas – trading hours: 01:00 – 00:15,  spread – 0.003, leverage (for pro account only) – 125;
  • R.B.O.B Gasoline – trading hours: 01:00 – 00:15, spread 0.0007, leverage (for pro accounts only) – 125;
  • Crude Oil – trading hours: 01:00 – 00:15; spread – 0.03; leverage (for pro accounts only) 125;
  • Brent Oil – trading hours: 03:00 – 01:00; spread – 0.03; leverage (for pro accounts only) 125;
  • Copper – trading hours: 01:00 – 00:15; spread – 0.0041; leverage (for pro accounts only) 125;
  • Wheat – trading hours: 03:00 – 15:45; spread – 0.45; leverage (for pro accounts only) 125;
  • Sugar – trading hours: 10:30 – 20:00; spread – 0.23; leverage (for pro accounts only) 125;
  • Platinium – trading hours: 01:00 – 00:15; spread – 0.58; leverage (for pro accounts only) 125.

Cryptocurrency Trading

As cryptocurrencies are hitting the marketplace, trading with cryptocurrencies became one of the prominent ways to earn money. Like some of the brokerages, Capixal offers investors to trade with cryptocurrency CFDs. The available cryptocurrencies for trading are

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash

Through the analytical tools and no commission fee, you can make trading with cryptos more enjoyable. All of the trading-related processes can be conducted for 24 hours and the leverage while trading with cryptocurrencies for all crypto pairs is 1:2. Some of the available cryptocurrency pairs at Capixal are BTC/GBP, BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, ADA/USD, BAB/USD, BSV/USD, DSH/EUR, DSH/GBP, DSH/USD, ETH/EUR, ETH/GBP, ETH/USD.

Forex Trading

Capixal offers customers more than 45 CFDs on various currency pairs. Traders can choose among them their preferred currency pairs and trade with them. The option of currency pairs is depended on investors’ interests and which of the currency pairs have a high potential to give them great earnings.

While Forex trading investors can have access to the educational materials and all the modernized features, which provides you with useful information and experience. You can see here some interactive charts, market tendencies, economic calendars as well and decide whether it worth it to trade with certain currency pairs or not. You can trade at Capixal for 24 hours with major, minor and exotic currency pairs. Some of the available currency pairs at Capixal are given below.

Capixal Review

Stock Trading

Trading with stocks has never been so easy. There was a time when shares and stocks weren’t available for average traders. One of the main reasons was their high prices. CFDs now are allowing them to buy indirectly some of the most famous company stocks, like Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Pfizer, Nike, Nokia, Alibaba.  At Capixal you can find more than 150 shares.

Index Trading

As we see, Capixal broker furnishes traders with several opportunities. So, here is one of them. Apart from the above-mentioned shares, you can trade at Capixal with indices, as well. Capixal provides customers with more than 10 major world indices to trade through CFDs. Some of them are

  • Dow Jones 30
  • CAC 40
  • Euro Stox 50
  • Hong Kong 50

Each of the indices has its definite trading hours and in most cases, leverage is up to 20. Whats’ more investors can conduct cross-platform trading, get dedicated customer support. Besides, the chance of being tricked into paying more than you expect is excluded, as the commission fee is zero. You can profit from advanced analytical toolkits, as well.

Capixal Review – Platforms you can trade with at Capixal

Some of the brokers don’t allow customers to trade with more than one platform. However, that’s not in the case of Capixal. Capixal provides customers with 3 types of trading platforms including

  • WebTrader
  • Mobile App
  • MetaTrader4

Each of the mentioned platforms offers customers various types of features and advances. Let’s overview them in detail and see if there is any good.


WebTraders is among one of the most most popular trading platforms. At Capixal you can trade through WebTrader with more than 350 top assets. It gives you instant access to markets and it has the one-click trading option, as well. Besides, WebTrader furnishes investors with a full pack of analytical tools, which are extremely useful and supports you to decide whether it worth it to trade with certain assets or not.

Apart from that, WebTrader aids people with an automated paying system, so you don’t need to get involved in additional processes which make trading more time-stretched. Also, you can get through WebTrader customizable notifications. In this way, you can decide what are your priorities and what you need to know while operating in the markets. WebTrader has the function of analyzing your previous performance and allows you to reach more success in trading. It has multilingual support agents, as well, so if you have some questions about trade-related processes and markets, you can get full information through Capixal WebTrader.

Mobile App

There are no many brokers, who are offering customers to trade with their mobile application. Capixal is exceptional. At Capixal you can profit from the newly-developed and modernized mobile application. First of all, it allows investors to have a unique user experience. Capixal mobile app is accessible both for Android and iOS users. You can go on Play Store or Apple Store and download the mention application. The downloading process will take a few seconds. After getting the broker’s app you’ll be allowed to profit from several features.

Firstly, it furnishes users with a customizable trading environment and more than 60 professional analytical tools. You can also get a real-time balance check option through the Capixal mobile app. While trading with a mobile app you can have access to more than 350 CFD assets. What’s significant, the mobile app gives investors a chance to set up Stop Loss/Take Profit function. By using the mentioned feature you can control your losses and save your funds. Moreover, the mobile app provides you with the perfect balance of accessibility and execution speed, and the transactions, in most cases, are instant. You can get multilingual professional support, as well, while trading through the Capixal mobile application.


For those who are searching for a great experience, Capixal MT4 is one of the most suitable trading platforms. It, first of all, ensuring the safety of all your data and transactions. What’s more, your trading history and your sensitive information stay confidential, as well. It provides you with software for the web, mobile, and desktop trading. So, you don’t need to waste your time, through MT4 you can trade wherever you are and have access to the internet.

MT4 also is compatible both for Android and iOS users and ensures an A-level trading experience. While trading with MT4 you can have access to 9 timeframes and more than 20 analytical objects. Furthermore, it has 30 innate technical indicators. Besides, the mentioned trading platform gives you access to fast and interactive charts, which are extremely useful and profitable for traders. It has an automatic payment system as well and high-quality customer service is guaranteed. Review – Withdrawal and Deposits

Withdrawing and depositing at Capixal is super quick and easy. Each of the mentioned processes takes a little time and in most cases is instant. Firstly, for activating a live account traders need to deposit a minimum of $20. Apart from that, one of the advantages of the brokers that it requires no additional fees for transacting, depositing, and withdrawing money. Capixal, what’s more, provides traders with several payment methods. Here investors can deposit and withdraw their money through VISA, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Maestro, and so on.

Capixal Opinion – Are Educational Materials any Good?

At Capixal broker traders can have access to a full pack of educational materials. Users can see all of the accessible materials on the Capixal website in the section of “Education”, where there are 8 categories and each of them furnishes you with a unique experience.

Firstly, it should be said, that Capixal traders can get more than 100 high-quality materials, which are truly profitable and useful for those who are interested in trade-related processes. Through the Capixal education hub, you can get both theoretical and practical information. What’s more, you can choose among categories your most preferable educative section, including VODs, Ebooks, Courses, Tutorials, Economic Calendar, Report Season Calendar, daily News, Trading Signals. Each of the mentioned categories has its own pros. Through VODs you can get information from professional traders, like tutorials. If you are the type of person who prefers reading rather than watching you can profit from Ebooks, where there is a wide range of choice of materials. In case you like statistics and think, that statistics has a lot to successfully operating in the trade market, then you can have a unique experience through the economic calendar and report season calendar, as well. Furthermore, you can have access to daily news and stay constantly updated and get further information about the remaining process in the market.

To sum up, depending on the information given above, we can say that Capixal educational materials are quite beneficial and provide you with plenty of profits and exhaustive information about trading processes and the market.

Capixal Review

Capixal Customer Support – How Useful Is It?

While trading through brokers some topics can be unclear. In that case, the companies provide traders with customer support. Capixal broker is no exception. At Capixal investors can enjoy high-quality customer support. At Capixal you can get customer support in more than 10 languages. hat’s important you can get customer support in several ways like:

  • E-mail
  • Call number
  • Live Chat
  • FAQs

Through live chat, you can get information instantly. FAQs give you information about the most frequently asked questions and on the things that are most likely to be unclear. You can send mail through the e-mail which is indicated on the Capixal website, like a phone number (+448000318277).

Capixal Review

Final Verdict – Do We Recommend Trading through Capixal?

Now it’s time to conclude our Capixal review and see whether it’s worth trading through Capixal or not and whether you can trust your funds to Capixal or not.

Capixal broker is a legit, licensed, and regulated company. Its regulator is one of the most famous regulator companies with a lot of experience. What’s more Capixal provides traders with extra safety and security. It furnishes you with analytical tools, charts, and other helpful features.

Apart from that, Capixal has a variety of accounts both for retail and professional investors. Accounts are modernized and offer you a unique experience.

At Capixal you can trade with more than 350 assets through CFDs and diversify your portfolio. The broker, also, furnishes investors with 3 trading platforms. Each of the platforms is guaranteeing an excellent adventure.

Moreover, Capixal offers you numerous unique and prominent educational materials and allows you to get more information about specific topics.

To conclude, the review shows, there are plenty of reasons which encourage investors to start trading at Capixal immediately. The trusted broker allows you to see a big profit and get easy money.