Mobile App Review

March 6, 2016

Financial markets volatility continues to go up and is expected to remain elevated for the mid-term horizon. As traders, we’ll need to be connected to the markets at any time, thus mobile platforms will become a key part of our trading infrastructure. Online brokerage companies offer a wide variety of mobile trading software already, but today we’ll take a close look at the app, see some of his features and weak points if it has some.

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Briefings on is an online trading company operated by Trade Capital Markets, currently offering access to a wide range of trading products that include bonds, commodities, forex, crypto, indices, ETFs, stocks, and live . The company had also made improvements with regards to the trading software. Even though it offers access to the traditional MT4 (which is also available on mobile) today we’ll focus on its proprietary app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. mobile app


Main features

The app offers access to all 2,100+ trading instruments, as well as to secure management tools for trading accounts, and risk. It is one of the few mobile apps has full functionalities built-in, meaning traders will be able to open trading accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, contact customer support, and many other tasks, directly from the app, without having to go to the official website.

Speaking of charting methods, most of the features you’ve already found in the traditional MT4 are also available with the app. You can choose from 10 different time frames, 3 different chart types (line, bar, candlestick) and add the technical indicators which you’ve been accustomed to.

In addition, the has several important tools built into it. Top Volatile, 52-week high, 52-week low, Top Traders Trends, and many others will help you spot much faster the trading instruments were most of the market participants are active.

Any weak points?

The app is comparable with the offerings of the top brokerage companies, with some proprietary features, as well. However, given that you’ll have full-functionality directly from your mobile, security issues should be prevented. You must choose a strong password and make sure that your device is not carrying malware or . It will be much easier to fix any issues directly from the app, but you must also be fully aware that online threats are constantly evolving, and you need to take precautions.

Overall, the trading app is one that online traders should consider, given all the features we’ve highlighted. It may take a few days until you get accustomed to its structure, but you can trade the markets efficiently with it.

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