Top 10 Forex Books

January 22, 2016

Top 10 Forex BooksLearning about Forex is a never ending task for every trader. You are already familiar with the fact that the more you read and educate yourself on this topic the chances are your success will be greater. But a lot of traders stay away from actual books written about Forex. Perhaps it is overwhelming because there is so much literature out there and it is difficult to compose a quality reading list especially if you are not a bookish type.

This list should make that task simpler and easier because we carefully picked the best books you can find at the moment. They will inspire, educate, entertain, and without a doubt make you a better trader. So start making room on your book shells for a new book haul.

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas1. Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

Often regarded as a bible of Forex trading and a must-read, Trading in the Zone is bursting with advice which will most certainly elevate your trading game. Mark Douglas focuses on psychology of trading and all of us already know the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset in this environment. You will not encounter any trading charts or safe strategies in this book. It primarily deals with your head and the way you should view trading and foreign exchange. It will help you adjust your attitude for your future endeavors in the market.

2. Forex for Beginners by Anna Coulling

The title says it all – this is a great book for total beginners who show interest in Forex but are uncertain where and how to start. Forex for Beginners is a comprehensive guide that will teach you about the very basics. You will learn about techniques, managing your money properly, all the risks you will face in the market and how to avoid them. Anna Coulling will present you a real view of the way the market works and give you the guidelines to becoming a trader yourself.

Forex: Strategies for Maximum Profit by Ken McLinton3. Forex: Strategies for Maximum Profit by Ken McLinton

No list would be complete without a solid book about trading strategies. Strategies for Maximum Profit is packed with real strategies which will suit everyone. You will read about what to do and what to avoid while creating your own trading style and you will have a feeling that you are talking to your own personal financial adviser. The friendly tone of this book is a huge plus. This book is easy to read and understandable. You don’t have to be an expert in the field to know what the writer is talking about and it means that both beginners and experienced traders should add it to their collections.

4. Thirty Days of Forex Trading by Raghee Horner

If you ever wondered how other traders behave on the market and wanted them to reveal their secrets, this is a book for you. It is part trading journal, part trading guide. Raghee Horner will present you with a working day of a Forex trader and show you all the techniques and tools which are used. Every chapter is a new day and it describes everything to the smallest detail. If you want a real market experience, this is a book for you. And it will most certainly inspire you to add some new bits and pieces to your own trading strategy.

Currency Trading for Dummies by Kathleen Brooks and Brian Dolan5. Currency Trading for Dummies by Kathleen Brooks and Brian Dolan

Another fun and accessible book on this list is Currency Trading for Dummies. Just like every other book from this series, it is an easy but extremely informative read which will make you have a good time while flipping the pages. This book is a recommended starting point for the majority of future traders but I think that everyone should have it somewhere near regardless of their level of knowledge. It is impossible to know everything and it can come in handy to have some kind of an essential guide of Forex trading.

6. Naked Forex by Alex Nekritin and Walter Peters

It is hard to imagine trading without technical analysis but once upon a time, traders were doing exactly that. Naked Forex gives you stripped down explanations on how to trade in the simplest way you can think of – trading without indicators. Novice traders might get overwhelmed with all the data they have at their disposal and they are very likely to choose a wrong method of conducting their trades. Naked Forex will make it easier to understand many aspects involved in this business and make you rethink your old strategies.

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns7. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Thomas N. Bulkowski

Just the the name suggests, Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns is a large book filled with tested and proven advice and suggestions. It is most definitely not a book you can read in a day or two and it is aimed for seasoned traders who want to acquire even more knowledge about chart patterns. Have you ever wondered how to read the chart patterns or is there anything to it? Then you should grab this book. It is perfect for intermediate or advanced traders and it will explain you how to use the charts in order to elevate your trading to a whole new level.

8. Beat the Forex Dealer by Augustin Silvani

This one should be read before you make your first actual exchange on the market, but after you have learned about the basics of trading. Augustin Silvani presumes you already know a thing or two and won’t bother to give you the complete rundown of definitions. For every successful trader, there is a dozen or so who tried Forex and gave up after losing all of their funds in a matter of days and you don’t want to be one of them, right? Beat the Forex Dealer is about all the risks and dangers you will face during your time on Forex market. Once you know what to expect, the chances are you’ll be able to avoid failure.

Beyond Technical Analysis9. Beyond Technical Analysis by Tushar S. Chande

The majority of traders cannot imagine a day without technical analysis and this book is written for them. Having a winning strategy is everyone’s goal and if technical analysis is a huge part of your method, you should get your hands on this book. It gives you a broader look at the way you should conduct your analysis and it contains a number of new ideas that will interest you. Tushar S. Chande is an expert in his field and he did a great research for this book. You should definitely give his recommendations a chance.

10. The Death of Money by James Rickards

It might not directly deal with Forex, but The Death of Money is a must-read for all traders. James Rickards investigates current situation in the world of economy and warns the reader of all the scary possibilities which (perhaps) await us in the future regarding finances. Not everyone will agree with him of course, but Rickards will make you stop and think. He also explained how the world of finances work in a masterful way, so if anything connected to that field is unclear to you, you should flip through this book.

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