SuperForex No Deposit Bonus

January 28, 2016

SuperForex no deposit bonus review will help you to find out if you want to commit your funds to this broker. SuperForex is an international brokerage house providing financial services to individual and corporate clients. It is licensed by IFSC and presents itself as having the best promotion offers. A $100 no deposit bonus is appealing many newcomers towards SuperForex, though you should be very careful, as in this case the execution of broker’s services and SuperForex no deposit bonus reality is different.

SuperForex No Deposit Bonus

SuperForex up to 100$ No Deposit Bonus

Questionable conditions and not so reliable broker. We do not advise you to take this deal.

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Bonus Obtaining Description

  • open a real trading account
  • submit a proof of ID and address in the Client’s Cabinet
  • wait for verification (minimum 48h)
  • after verification you need to apply for bonus in the same cabinet
  • bonus will be automatically transferred into your account

Bonus Questionable Conditions

Let us go through SuperForex terms and conditions to understand the broker’s offer.

At first, we can not really rely on this bonus, as it might expire any time, so the broker can decide any time that it doesn’t want to start your experience with a risk free beginning with a SuperForex forex bonus no deposit. Secondly, you might fall for this broker as it has very ‘exclusive’ promotion programs apart from this bonus, though keep in mind, that only once per one account you can claim one bonus (be it no deposit or any other).
Let us go into details looking at the conditions for trading with a no deposit bonus with this broker. But guess what? You are not able to find any of this information from their website and even looking at the name of a no deposit bonus, it can be up to $100, so the customer’s feedback on this no deposit bonus SuperForex varies: someone received $60, someone $40 and some even $20 – it is not clear how exactly the calculation is performed, so you can not be really sure what amount you will receive.

But we will show you the real terms for trading with this broker. The leverage ratio is 1:1000 which is very unserious and unprofessional. Within a couple of clicks you will lose your SuperForex bonus without deposit without even noticing it. And further it is getting even more exciting, as  size of the order in lots is different per each trading instrument, and if you want to execute a large order, the price might shift into less favorable and the broker has a right not to accept the order.


In conclusion, we can say that this broker is a scam – your time is really not worth it. There are many complaints about the support staff which is claimed to be ‘outstanding’ on their website, but on practice it takes infinite amount of time to resolve any issue. There are also tons of cases where the profit accumulated from this bonus was canceled without any explanations. While there are many SuperForex no deposit bonus opinions, remember that conditions for each their trading tool are very questionable and unreliable!

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