James Rickards The Death of Money

February 10, 2016

There is no doubt that the title of this book sounds very apocalyptic and you are entirely right. James Rickards introduces us to his own observations and predictions when it comes to current monetary system. He has spent years researching the history and the reasons why monetary system collapsed in the past and The Death of Money is the final result of his hard work.

James Rickards, The Death of Money

James Rickards, The Death of Money

Are money really dead? Find out in this book!


Rickards managed to identify the patterns that keep repeating whenever the system becomes unstable and he claims that a new crash is just around a corner. Why, you might ask? The US dollar has been the most used currency in the world for decades and it is time for a change. Powerful countries like China are taking over and the chances are they will become a dominant force in the near future. Economy will most likely become extremely unstable and that will lead to more trouble for the common people.

James Rickards The Death of money free pdf talks about incoming inflation or deflation from the very first page of the book. His outlook might not suit all readers but nevertheless, this book offers really interesting theories and predictions of the future that concerns all of us. The chapters of the book cover a variety of interesting topics such as involvement of central banks in promoting inflation and deflation, the positive aspect of Eurozone, debt…  There is even a section of the book in which Rickards lays out all the economic signals that pointed out to a possible terrorist attack before 9/11. It is clear that James Rickards free book is a controversial read.

It might not be for everyone’s taste since the topic is pretty grim but The Death of Money book Rickards download  also makes numerous suggestions on how to prepare for a possible monetary system crash and what you can do in order to protect yourself and your money. So there is hope after all, regardless of Rickards’ initial gloomy approach to the situation with the world economy and geopolitical changes. If you want to read more, download The Death of Money book in pdf here.

Wrap Up

The Death of Money