How to find good Forex webinars?

February 22, 2017

As a people interested in the FX trading, you will often be invited by a number of brokers to attend their webinars. At first, it may certainly seem like a good idea, as you are able to get some insights in the live mode. Well, it is not actually the truth, as sometimes the quality of the speakers and their knowledge is quite mediocre. In this short guide, we will explain to you how to find the best possible webinars and stick to them.

Premium webinars

There are quite a few webinars that are not hosted by the brokers, but by some professional traders. Sometimes those are quite good, but sometimes they are just another scam. Similar to , a certain trader that is doing the webinars on a high level would have no problem providing some trial access or a record of the previously held session. If some content is only available on the premium basis and there is no preview available – skip it straight away.

Broker webinars

There are many brokers that do online Forex education. Some of them are really good, others are saving and providing just some basic topics. What you have to look for is the continuity of the education. Once you are able to find a broker that is hosting webinars that do not just cover the very basics of the FX market – try it out.

Typically, a broker would be always much more open towards sharing the best content only with the people that are its clients. Hence, sometimes accessing premium webinars would actually require you to open up an account and deposit with the brokerage.

News sites webinars

Even though this practice is not really common now, there were many news sites in the past that were hosting free webinars. As a rule of thumb – you should definitely skip such content. First of all, the webinars are done by the contributors that are, usually, working free of charge. This can already give you a good idea about their quality. Secondly, many news sites tried monetising the webinars by selling the databases of the participants to brokers. Unless you enjoy receiving dozens of calls from all types of brokerages – avoid registering for the webinars at various FX news sites.

A quick guide on how to find a perfect online Forex webinar

So, essentially you should find either a webinar hosted on the broker’s site or on the independent educational provider.

Once you have found such a website, check the topics that the webinar speakers cover. If it is only the basic stuff – move on, there is nothing to do here as such webinars are held by the sales people and not the actual traders.

After you found great coverage of some advanced topics, check whether you are able to either participate or preview the content for free. If it is an option – go for it.

Nevertheless, finding a good Forex webinar is mostly about the speaker. Once you have found a great speaker as , just follow him at the outlets he teaches.