An objective VivoTrader review to learn more about the broker

June 14, 2019

When coming across to the new broker that looks nice, it is important to research the broker and find out details about it. That’s why we suggest reading VivoTrader review to make sure you know everything about the brokerage before you open an account. As today there are many cryptocurrency brokerages and exchanges you might get confused if the broker offers to sell and purchasing cryptocurrencies or if it offers CFDs on crypto. The website of the VivoTrader informs that it is not intended for buying and selling cryptocurrency assets. VivoTrader is CFDs broker that offers cryptocurrency trading exclusively. Hence, if you are searching for the broker to trade with CFDs on cryptocurrencies make sure to read the review and find out if the broker is suitable for you or not.

VivoTrader Review

VivoTrader Review

A recommended broker


VivoTrader CFD brokerage is operated by the Bluebird Group Ltd, the company which is registered and authorized in Commonwealth of Dominica. The brokerage was established in 2018 and got the attention of traders shortly after due to the advantages and offerings it has. Let’s get to know them more closely.

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What does VivoTrader offer to customers

The biggest advantage of the brokerage is the wide selection of the trading instruments. One can choose from a wide range of cryptocurrencies that include the biggest and most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. The broker also offers other cryptocurrencies including Monero, Bytecoin, Stellar and many more. The wide selections of cryptocurrencies is a great opportunity to enrich your trading portfolio. At the same time, you have the possibility to choose the most lucrative cryptocurrency pairs at the moment of trading and increase your profit this way. Not many brokers can offer this wide range of cryptocurrencies and it is clearly increasing VivoTrader rating.

Another big advantage is the leverage that is offered. Customers of VivoTraders can trade with the leverage up to 1:5 that is a great offer. Other CFDs traders that offer cryptocurrencies usually have a leverage up to 1:2 or 1:4. With VivoTrader you can use 1:5 leverage that can increase your profits a lot. However, you should also consider the risks that come with the high leverage and do the risk management before you decide to use the full potential of leverage.

It is nice to see that VivoTrader is paying a lot of attention to the education of the traders. The broker offers multiple contents that all traders – beginners or otherwise will find helpful. The broker has a section called the academy on the website where you can find news, market summary, economic calendar, chart analysis, video chart analysis, market weekly review, fundamental and technical analysis and more. They are available for all visitors on the website, which leaves a very good VivoTrader opinion. VivoTrader also has traders academy that is exclusively for the customers of the broker.

On the website, one can also find the information about the ICOs and see the white papers. The broker features ICOs from all industries that might be interesting for crypto enthusiasts. For example, you can find information about ICO’s in health, travel, gambling, finances, social networks, and other industries. This is a great opportunity to stay updated and see what is hot in the industry.

VivoTrader platform review

VivoTrader offers its own custom made platform. While creating this review we have checked how the platform looks like and how well does it work. We were pleased to see that the platform the broker provides is very modern, intuitive and easy to use even by the beginner traders that are just starting their trading career. While it is a disadvantage that the broker does not offer popular and the most common trading platforms, such as MetaTrader, the advantage of the custom made platform is that it is designed for cryptocurrency trading exclusively. Hence, traders have the in-built features that are helpful for trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies and make trading easier, more fun and profitable.

If you are trading cryptocurrencies, you would know how important is it to have an eye on the crypto prices and check your trading account every now and then. For this, the broker is offering a mobile app that gives traders the opportunity to have their trading account with them all the time. The app with the user-friendly interface makes it possible for you to trade whenever and wherever you want.

VivoTrader review

VivoTrader Trading accounts

VivoTrader offers five account types for the ones who want to open an account with the broker, and one additional account for those, who have been trading with VivoTrader for some time already. The offered accounts are Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black. Traders are able to see what features each of the trading accounts have and choose the one they think is suitable for themselves. The broker offers a bit high minimum deposits than some other brokers on the market. Those who want to open the basic account have to deposit at least 250 USD, it can be considered as a disadvantage of the broker. Other than that, the accounts are well-designed and the information about them is provided fully.

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Is VivoTrader Legit?

After reviewing broker thoroughly we can confidently say that there are no signs of VivoTrader scam or fraud. The broker takes good care of the security of the customer’s information and funds. VivoTrader has some important advantages. When registering with the broker, traders have access to almost all cryptocurrencies and can trade them with the leverage as high as 1:5. The broker also offers the well-designed trading platform and mobile app for traders that prefer more flexible trading. The broker gives a wide choice of the trading accounts and customers are able to choose the one they find most appealing depending on their trading needs and goals. The disadvantage the broker has is the high minimum deposit requirements for the trading accounts. Hence, it might not be suitable for the low budget traders that want to start trading with a small amount of money. Due to this, the broker might not be for everyone.  After seeing the advantages of the broker you can decide if you want to trade with it or if you prefer to find the broker with lower minimum deposit, most importantly VivoTrader fraud is out of the question and the broker is fully legit.