UltraTrade: Get Binary Options Trading Help

February 27, 2016

Get Binary Options Trading Support from UltraTradeUltraTrade is a binary options broker that provides access to trading stocks, indices, foreign exchange, and commodities. To help clients, there’s plenty of support provided.

How UltraTrade supports the traders

The level of support clients get depends on the account type. For the most basic account (Silver), clients get access to trading e-books.

When it comes to Gold Accounts, training education and support are expanded. In addition to free trading books, there are unlimited trading signals as well as limited sessions with a top analyst.

Platinum Account holders get sessions with a top analyst as well in addition to 1-on-1 trading sessions.

The account type depends on the amount of deposit. Whatever trading account the clients get, UltraTrade provides charts, daily and weekly market reviews as well as an economic calendar to all the clients.

There’s also a trading academy with educational materials to further assist the binary options traders.

Multiple ways to trade the markets

UltraTrade’s clients can trade a variety of options. It is possible to select an asset to trade (i.e. forex pair, stock), option type (such as One Touch’ Ladder, 60-seconds), direction (Call for a bullish bet and Put for a bearish one), and amount of a bet.

The system will then show the payoff amount and the payoff percentage. This is another way to learn more about the binary options without the need to bet.

Among the most popular binary options are short-term options. Here, the traders choose a bet (either up or down) and amount. If it’s a Call in a 60-second bet, then the asset price needs to be above a certain level after that time period is up. Payouts of as much as 85% are possible. Even within 60 seconds.

One Touch options are of different kind. When this trade is placed, the asset price only needs to touch a certain price level during option’s time period for the trade to succeed. Meanwhile, Ladder options offer even higher payouts.

Trading support

UltraTrade clients should also try the charting system and all the features offered. With charts and other technical tools, the traders can study the markets form a variety of angles to learn about trends.

All the clients get access to customer support for all the questions and trading needs. To encourage new traders to sign up, UltraTrade provides sign up bonuses where initial deposits are matched. This way, the traders get more trading capital to get a good start with binary options trading.

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