Trade Foreign Exchange

October 4, 2015

trade foreign exchangeThe first step in trading foreign currency is to open an online Forex trading account with a company offering this service. The next step is to have a computer that is connected to the Internet so that you can access the FX market place. This connection is made through the company with which you have an account. Since the pace of trading on the FX market place is very fast, it is recommended that you have a very fast computer with plenty of memory and disk storage. You do not want the response time of your computer be a hindrance in your ability to complete trades which can impact the amount of money you can potentially earn.

Unlike the New York Stock Exchange there is no opening bell or closing bell for the FX market place. Trading occurs around the clock because countries are in different time zones. It is only closed for a short period on the weekends. Trades can be made at anytime of the day or night. The market is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Trading on this financial market is considered to be fast paced because of the hours it is opened. Trades can be processed manually or through an automated system.

Manual Trades

With a manual trade the trader actually enters their order into the computer system. The computer will process the order and you will receive an almost instant acknowledgment that the trade has been completed. Manual trades are only completed when the trader submits them. Almost all beginner trades are entered manually. Some traders will migrate to an automated system once they are familiar with trading.

Automated Trades

Since trading occurs at all times of the day and night some traders will use automated systems. They provide parameters to the computer systems. When these parameters are met the computer system will automatically place the trade to either buy or sell. People trade currencies based on fluctuations in price. There are signals and trends that you can follow as a trader to know what price to buy and what price to sell different currencies. The automated system will track these trends and use them to complete trades.

There are many different automated programs that you can use to trade Forex. You can view charts or other trends to determine when you should buy or sell. These automated systems run on your computer and allow you to start trading on foreign exchanges.