Top jobs you can do from home in South Africa

February 23, 2019

Many people nowadays are attracted to the idea of working from home. It is becoming more and more common especially among young people who are sick of sitting in the office from nine to six doing work that bores them and does not pay that much. Compared to this, work from home jobs in South Africa has a lot of advantages – you do not have to go to the office every morning and stay there for eight working hours no matter if you have enough work or not, you schedule your work by yourself and have time to do things, that the fixed time frame does not allow you, you can spend more time with your family.

One of the main advantages is that you have the possibility not to limit your time and skills with just working at only one company and individual, but you can have several employers- hence have a bigger income, and most importantly while you can work for local companies remotely, you can as well work for firms all around the world. There are lots of things I can talk about in favor of working from home, but I assume I would not be the only one who does so. But how do you start? Let’s me answer this question for you, with the list of top five work from home jobs in South Africa prepared by the website – a place where South African money is analyzed and explained.

Online teacher/trainer

The popularity of online teaching and training is growing daily. The most popular thing you can teach is the English language, this is what most people do, as the demand for online English classes is huge in countries where English is not the first language, especially China, Korea, Japan, France, Germany and many more. Also, it is not very hard as many people are just seeking someone, who speaks good English to talk to them so that they can develop good listening and speaking skills.

If you have experience in working with kids and a lot of patience as well, you can teach children, if not – it’s not a problem either as there are many adults who need training in the language as well. Also, nowadays, many companies are hiring teachers for their employees, you can directly search for a company like this, and you will have not just one person to teach but five, ten or even more. Although English is the most popular language to teach, you are not limited to it, you can teach other languages or whatever you are good at, it can be math, accounting and many more.

Who is it for? – This is for people who are very good in some of the subject that can be taught. It also requires some teaching skills and ability on how to explain things in a manner that somebody can easily understand. Besides that, you will need to be an organized person to schedule your lessons in a way that is most profitable for you and comfortable for your students.

Web design/web developer

Many big companies have their own staff for web development and web design, but the smaller companies that need this service once or twice a year are usually seeking freelancers that can do this work for them without going to their offices. This job requires some skills as you need to develop a website or know how to design. If you know it, that’s wonderful, you can start right away. If you do not but still think that this job can be for you, there are many ways to study it even online and all you need is a laptop and internet, of course, it will take time, as to start working in this field, you need some experience.

The good thing about this job and many online jobs that are available is that it does not require any kind of college degree, also you do not have fixed hours when you need to work, you negotiate on the deadline, and you can work anytime you want – day or night. To begin this job you can make a nice looking portfolio and connect with the companies and individuals who need a web designer or a web developer and start earning money.

Who is it for? This job is for people with good skills and knowledge of either web design or web development, or both. You must be creative and have some experience.

Online trading

If you are one of those people who not only want to stay out from the cubicle but also wants to be their own boss, you might as well consider online trading. Trading is to buy and sell to say it simply, it can be different things and assets, it can be stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies and so on. Some people say it is too complicated and risky, others profit from it. The good thing about trading is that you can start earning money while you are still learning, while many other jobs require learning the skill first and gaining experience to be eligible for the work. You can give it as much time and effort as you want, whenever and wherever you wish, but note, the results will be according to your efforts. It all seems good, but the question is how to start?

It is not hard as well, there are so many guides of how you should start trading, they all give information from different angles, but the main steps you should take are the same, for example, if you want to start Forex Trading you should first educate yourself about the Forex market and how things work there, when you have accumulated enough information you can start with a demo account that allows you to start trading without money. It is a simulation of a real account, and you can experience Forex trading without risking your money there. After, you can switch to a micro account and start trading with a small amount of deposit, which again, gives you the opportunity to get better in trading and make money without much risk. When you are ready for it, you can start with a normal account, but at first, you need to choose a broker.

Choosing a broker can be the harder and most important part of trading, make sure you see a lot of reviews and charts that help you choose the correct one. Who is it for? Trading can be for anyone who wants to have additional or primary income from own activities and not be dependent on the employer. You should be devoted and ready to take a calculated risk. For those who have not tried trading, it might seem difficult to have income from it but there are many success stories of traders from SA, for example, the best South African Forex traders that pocket dozens of thousands on a monthly basis.


Writing is a relatively new opportunity for freelancers, just like web developers and designers, many companies have their own writing team, however, there are so many websites and blogs which need fresh and new content every day, that the demand on writers is constantly high. Most employers require writing in English, therefore this is the only thing you need to know. Of course, you need to know some writing skills as well and have the ability to look and write about things from a different angle.

As the internet is full of news, articles, and blogs, you need to have some unique approach to writing to make yourself stand out from other writers. With a laptop, an internet connection and good writing skills, you can have good income and work from any place in the world. However, writing also requires some experience to start, if you do not have any related experience and examples for your work, make sure to write several articles to have in your portfolio. Who is it for? This job is for people who are interested in diverse fields and hence can write about different events and topics. You should have the ability to conduct quality research and a little bit of creativity to help your content stand out, you should also enjoy the process of writing.

Social media manager

Social Media Manager is a profession born alongside the creation of social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. You can hardly find a company who is not using social media for promoting their brand, product or service. As it is said if you do not exist on social media – you do not exist for your customers at all.

This is why the job of a social media manager became so important. Many big companies have their own social media managers, also there are many agencies who offer this service to them, but there are also smaller companies who are searching for freelance social media managers. The main thing that social media managers do is create content that can promote the company’s brand and product and reach potential customers via advertising.

People who are employed in this field have a set of skills such as writing, editing, creating original content and also the knowledge of how social media works. Who is it for?  This job is for the people who enjoy being active on social media and have good skills in research, writing and analyzing. you should also be creative to provide the original content that catches the eye. These are the top jobs which you can do from home in South Africa. They have been proven to be profitable and they will still be relevant in years to come.