Let us Introduce the Top 10 wealthiest people in Norway

October 17, 2018

Today we are going to examine the richest people in Norway. The list below is supplied by , a leading media outlet that overviews Norwegian iGaming sector.

#1. Olav Thon

richest norwegiansOlav Thon who grew up in the midst of the second world war (born June 29th, 1923)  is a Norwegian real estate developer, who has been ranked the country’s richest man with a net worth of more than US$6 billion. His private real estate company Olav Thon Group is the largest one there is in Norway, earning him the title of 198th richest man in the world as well.

#2. Kjell Inge Røkke

Most of the times when we think of Norway we think of fishing. So it is no surprise that the second wealthiest man in norway is a fishing company owner. Kjell Inge Røkke is the owner of Aer ASA, which is currently operating in offshore fishing. He now owns the majority of the company’s shares totaling around 68% which gives him a total net worth of more than US$5 billion.

#3. Stein Erik Hagen

We have arrived to the Norwegian Warren Buffet if there is one. Stein Erik Hagen is one of the most successful Norwegian investors, he is currently the chairman of Orkla, which is a conglomeration operating in consumer goods. He is also a major shareholder of numerous other Norwegian companies like Steen & Strøm, Jernia and Komplett. All of this portfolio earning him the title of the third wealthiest man in Norway and a net worth of more than US$ 4 billion

#4. John Fredriksen

was born in Oslo on may 10th 1944. This Norwegian born billionaire is also a citizen of Cyprus and is now currently residing in London U.K.

Fredriksen is said to be the owner of the world’s largest oil tanker fleet. His fleet has brought him a hefty net worth of more than US$7 billion. He was not so rich before the 1980s Iraq war because of the size of his shipping company. But when he showed character and continued his business throughout the war, his gamble paid off with billions for him to claim.

#5. Odd Reitan

Retail is nothing to poke fun at. It is one of the most successful business all over the world and Norway is no exception. Odd Reitan was born on September 11th in 1951 in Trondheim, Norway. Throughout the years of success for his supermarket chain REMA 1000, he was able to accumulate more than US$6 billion.

#6. Johan Johansson

Sometimes the best businessmen don’t come from humble beginnings. Johansson had the similar experience when he was born heir to a wholesale company. With that boosting him he was able to acquire 70% of NorgesGruppen and accumulate a net worth of more than US$3 billion.

#7. Johan H. Andresen

has been in the spotlight since 1998 when he became the owner of Ferd. Ferd is an investment company which has roots pretty much throughout Norway’s companies. Having many industries in its portfolio. The ownership of Ferd helped Andresen acquire more than US$3 billion.

#8. Arne Wilhelmsen

Arne Wilhelmsen is a sea enthusiast. His portfolio features a cruising and a development company. The more famous one would be the cruising company, of which you may have already heard. Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCC). This company helped Wilhelmsen to sit at the eighth place of his country’s rich list. With a net worth of almost US$3 Billion.

#9. Torstein Hagen

Torstein Hagen sound like a real Viking name doesn’t it? You can really imagine a Viking almost a millennia ago landing on the beaches of Britain with the same name. Actually, Torstein Hagen is connected to Vikings not only with his DNA but his company as well called the Viking Cruises. Which like many of the Viking ships provide river and ocean cruises. With his “Raiding” in the industry, he managed to gather a large sum of US$2.2 billion making him the 9th richest man in Norway.

#10. Petter Stordalen

Stordalen claims to be an environmentalist. Saying that his investments in the hotel industry are only if the hotels offer no pollution and some sort of residue. His net worth of more than US$1 billion comes from numerous investments in development companies and hotels. It is also known that he is the owner of several expensive art pieces.

Full list available via . Enjoy reading!