PaxForex $7 no deposit bonus

January 28, 2016

PaxForex no deposit bonus review will help you to analyze if you want to invest money in PaxForex broker. PaxForex is an online broker underlining how fun than serious trading might be. Going through their website you can see that stress is put on trading contests and bonuses. Every reputable dealer gives a possibility to test its services and execution without making a deposit, so called no deposit bonus. Though you should be very careful, as in this case there are milestones, and dealing with PaxForex no deposit bonus the reality looks quite differently.

PaxForex $7 no deposit bonus

PaxForex $7 no deposit bonus

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Bonus Description

  • register a new Bonus Forex Trading Account
  • log into your account
  • submit a proof of ID & address for verification
  • wait until account manager contacts you

Bonus Questionable Conditions

Let us go through PaxForex terms and conditions to understand the offer.

Claiming for this bonus is quite clear though transferring profit to the trading account and withdrawing bonus without deposit is possible only after next conditions are met – 1,5 lots per $5 profit completed.

But the information might be misleading as there are more conditions in order to do those actions, like PaxForex forex bonus no deposit can not be transferred between accounts and you have only 5 minutes or less to complete trading transactions. Duration of time is counted between opening and closing positions and all positions closed by using ‘close by and multiple close by’ will not be computed. Further it is more interesting, as all closed positions with a profit less than one maximum spread will not be included in the lots calculation. Available trading volumes for the account are 0,01 – 0,6 lots with 1:500 leverage ratio, so it will take you forever to accumulate profit. Further there is more to take into account, what you will not see while signing up for this bonus: maximum profit to transfer from no deposit bonus PaxForex account is $25, though how is it possible if the transfers are not possible in general?

As for withdrawing the profit there are more ifs to keep in mind:

  • maximum profit for withdrawal from this no deposit account is $100
  • before the first withdrawal you need to leave a comment about PaxForex in any FX community and send them the link proving you fulfilled this condition

So, they encourage you to realize fun of trading stressing that with PaxForex you will have open hands broadening the horizons of financial market using PaxForex bonus without deposit, though there too many contradictions and restrictions to gain real trading experience.


In conclusion, we can say that this no deposit bonus will take you forever to gain profit. And as soon as you browse this broker beyond praised comments (remember, that to withdraw you have to leave a positive comment about PaxForex), you will see that your time is not really worth this bonus. While there are many PaxForex no deposit bonus opinions, but remember that conditions for it are quite questionable.

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