London Capital Group Review

September 29, 2016

The London Capital Group, commonly known, as LCG is a subsidiary of the London Capital Group Holding Plc which is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM. They provide online trading services of both forex and CFDs. Their regulation is done by the UK FCA. Read our London Capital Group scam review to see why you need to avoid this broker at all costs.

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London Capital Group Scam Review

The broker that we simply do not recommend.

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LCG has since recently undergone a major rebranding effort however this has not changed the perception of many traders and even their own employees who see that this company is nothing more than a stain on the financial market.

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London Capital Group Customer Support

Often times, the people who voice their grievances about brokers are the clients they have wronged in the past. However it seems even the employees of this sham of a company wish to let the world know what they have endured.

This disdain no doubt translates to LCG’s customer support’s poor treatment of their clients. While we can empathize to an extent with the struggles of the employees of LCG, we do not condone them mistreating traders.

The rude behaviour, hanging up in clients’ ears and tardy replies are all signs of the London Capital Group’s contempt of their CEO projected onto their clientele.

This behaviour stems from the contempt they have for their Chief in command who many of the LCG’s employees mark as egotistical, conceited, sociopathic among other unflattering words.

With such a man in charge, it is no wonder the customer support of this company is so angry.

Continue reading our London Capital Group honest review to find out more reasons why you are much better off without this broker.

London Capital Group Accounts

LCG, unlike other brokers, does not have a wide variety of options when it comes to their account types. In all actuality they do not offer any options at all, rather they merely have a CFD account for trading and what they label as a Premium Service.

london capital group accounts

The London Capital Group minimum deposit for their Premium service is £25,000. Now what LCG says you will receive for this amount is access to research, information in your inbox every morning as well as trading over the phone.

These are not novel services and we are quite sure there are other brokers out there that offer similar services, undoubtedly of superior quality and at a better price.

We would not recommend, even if they paid us, you to sign up for this service as:

  • You would be out of £25,000
  • You would have signed up for a service that would leave you with more problems than solutions
  • You can earn more, elsewhere with that sort of capital.

Next is the CFD trading account which they claim has over 5000 trading instruments across 7 classes, access to information, educational materials and research and two “world class” trading platforms on any device.

We know that the MT4 platform is world class but we doubt the same of LCG’s glitchy and amateurish looking trading platform.

London Capital Group Trading Platform

london capital group platform

LCG currently offers their clients access to two trading platforms  which are:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • LCG Trader

The MT4 Platform is arguably the best trading platform currently on the market. It has a comprehensive set of tools capable of in depth analysis, the ability to provide you with the necessary information to make sound trading decisions and more.

All in all, it is the only world class trading platform which LCG provides for their clients. However, that is no reason to sign up with this ridiculous broker as majority of the brokers currently in operation utilize the MT4 platform, making it no saving grace for what we are beginning to see as the LCG scam.

The next platform available is the LCG Trader which in comparison to the MT4 platform is like a  small pup barking at a full grown dog. It is indeed funny to watch but we all know that one is far superior than the other and in this case that is the MT4 platform.

LCG Trader is not a platform we would recommend you use if you are unfortunately already a registered user with LCG.

However, if you are not. Do not become one.


Thank you for reading out LCG forex review. No matter what rebranding efforts are made, LCG is still a subpar broker that does not deserve your time, effort or money and would be best avoided at all costs.

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