iFX EXPO ASIA 2019 has just been announced!

October 10, 2018

It has already been announced that the famous iFX EXPO Asia 2019 will be held in Hong Kong starting 22nd of January and continuing for 2 days total. The Company behind iFX EXPO, Conversion Pros has taken lead in working on developing this event and has worked on it for the past few years. This year they managed to grab a very nice venue in Hong Kong, allowing the event to take place in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center.

The event itself will be focusing on connecting finance with technology. It has long been that the term fintech has arrived in our lives, creating an illusion that it was some other part of technology. However few understand the importance of technologies in today’s world economy. The fact that we are able to live the way we live is all thanks to technology being developed every day. It is just up to people to connect them to finance, just how blockchain happened a few years ago.

The CEO of Conversion Pros, Gal Ron has already announced that he is looking forward to hosting one of the biggest B2B conventions of the year. He also adds that it is his honor to be the host of the very first one of 2019, giving many leaders of international industries the opportunity to meet each other and collaborate on financial and technological topics.

He also added that this year is going to be a lot bigger than all the previous one. It has been announced that more than 35,000 attendees will be present and more than 1,500 exhibitors will be able to be seen at the exhibition. Gal Ron really prides in the fact that they are able to create one of the most elaborate and networking events in the world. He also added that a lot of companies will be receiving much more incentives to attend, regarding the increase of the numbers with sponsorships, booths, meeting areas, entertainment, and opportunities to find partners where you’d never think they’d be.

iFX EXPO Asia 2019 is basically a must-go if you consider yourself a player in the Fintech industry. Every single aspect of future fintech innovations will be featured at the exhibition and it would be a real shame if some of the biggest players would miss the whole occasion. Every western business owner in Fintech will be able to find a lot of Asian contractors or large players within the market, making it a very nice place for collaborations and future trade deals.

Hong Kong was probably one of the most symbolic places to hold the exhibition, because of the massive success that the city was able to achieve in the financial services industry, no wonder it currently houses the biggest firms in the game. CFDs and FX have had a very warm welcome in Asia and continue to be one of the largest industries without losing any momentum.

Not only is the exhibition very good for already established brokers and players of the fintech industry, but also for beginners who are planning to start their own business with a Forex or CFD brokerage. The exhibition will feature a lot of educational seminars for these beginners to attend and hopefully find mentors.