FXPrimus No Deposit Bonus

March 28, 2016

Bonuses and promotions are big in the world of trading today and a large number of brokers promote themselves through offering their clients various benefits and advantages if a trader decides to open up an account with their firm. If you are looking for a broker who puts an emphasis on various bonuses and promotions, you should check out FXPrimus.

FXPrimus No Deposit Bonus

FXPrimus No Deposit Bonus

If you are looking for excellent bonuses and promotions, read more on what we have to say about FXPrimus.

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The basics

FXPrmius prides itself by pointing out the fact that they have international clientele. They are registered and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This is a good thing since trading with an unlicensed broker is not advised, no matter how many additional benefits you will receive. It is better to be safe than sorry.
Just like other brokerage firms, FXPrimus no deposit bonus allows you to trade not only Forex, but also indices, commissions, precious metals and so on. They also offer educational materials and daily news reports, but those are also seen among brokers too often. FXPrimus does not offer anything spectacular or different to their users in this area.

Trading platform

FXPrimus includes MetaTrader 4 in their welcome package. MetaTrader 4 is without a doubt the most popular and reliable trading platform available today. You can use it on your computer as well as on your mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. You can also find a use for their multi account manager and a trading advisor.


The registration process on FXPrimus is a bit lengthy since they require a lot of data in order to set up your account right away. You can create an account as an individual trader, as well as a corporate account. Micro, mini, and standard accounts are available and you can also link up a number of different accounts all together. Yes, this means you can create as much profiles as you please.

FXPrimus bonus without deposit

Since our focus should be on bonuses and promotions FXPrimus offers to their members, let’s take a look at the ones that are currently available on their website. They constantly change them up and even though some of the bonuses are available at all times, the chances are at least one of them will expire in a month or two and be replaced by a brand new bonus.
FXPrimus No Deposit Bonus

Kick Start Bonus

Every new member of FXPrimus has an ability to receive FXPrimus free money in the form of this bonus. Once you register, you will get $33 or actual money in order to motivate and help you out with your trading.

Cash Back Bonus

Every lot you trade with FXPrimus will get you $2 of bonus. Sure enough, you might be required to use a high leverage and this might present some risk to many traders.

Double Dynamo Bonus

It combines the cash back bonus with double dynamo and they claim you will have an opportunity to receive up to $10000 of bonus. This one sounds too good to be true. Also, it is available only until the end of March 2016.


FXPrimus’s no deposit bonuses are a bit questionable. Sure enough, you have an FXPrimus welcome bonus, but we think there are better offers out there if your primary goal is to receive a solid amount of funds. There are plenty of brokers who will give you better and safer bonuses and you definitely have to check out more options.

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