Forex Broker Inc Review

December 6, 2015

Even though it becomes more and more difficult to trade from the USA and Japan, some of the brokers try to find ways to accept clients from all around the globe. And this is one of such brokers. Forex Broker Inc review will explain you how this broker manages to accept US client and is it actually good. Read this review and find out if you should start trading with such broker.

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Forex Broker Inc

Want to risk loosing your money with unregulated broker? Forex Broker Inc can offer you that. Read full Forex Broker Inc review and find out everything about this broker!

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About Forex Broker Inc Company

As you know, there is no easy way for Forex broker to accept clients from the United States. This is why, Forex Broker Inc established its offices on Malta and Marshall Islands.

It has absolutely no regulations, which exposes your capital to additional risk. So we would advise you to think twice before making any deposit with broker that has no legal obligations to any government in the world.

review of forex broker inc

As this broker tells, your funds are in safe place and are not used as operational funds. More to that, the management board of the FBInc consists of people with experience in banking and investing industry. But, since this broker offers lover spread as most of other brokers and more promotions that the others do, we would advise you to be cautious. From our point of view, trading with such brokers is acceptable only if you have no other way.

Forex Broker Inc Account and Features Reviews

When it comes to goodies that are available at Forex Broker Inc, first thing that comes into mind is its low spread. We are not sure that this spread is real or it is just made for the attraction of the customers, but they offer you 0.3 pip spread for the basic account type.

Second weird thing is its leverage. Maximum leverage that you can get is 1:500, which is not common for the best Forex brokers as well. So, such features raise more questions than answers in Forex Broker Inc review.

Forex Broker Inc Account and Features Reviews

Till the most recent changes, this broker was well know for really low deposit amount that was required in order to start Forex trading, only 10 USD. At the time of Forex Broker Inc review, it was written on their website that required minimum deposit is equal to $100. But, in reality, if you will talk to customer support, you will probably be able to start Forex trading with only 10 USD. We have no idea if it is worth it and we would never recommend you trading with such low amount ignoring every money management strategy that exists now.

One more extra feature of Forex Broker Inc is availability of EA trading on every account type. It is actually great, but we would not recommend you taking EA’s from the broker who is often Forex Broker Inc Scam.

Forex Broker Inc Trading Platform

One more thign that can help us answer the question “Is Forex Broker Inc Scam?” are platform availability and quality. Most of the scam Forex brokers do not offer you a lot of choice when it comes to platforms. There are not much Forex scams that will provide you with cTrader account or give you access to Meta Trader 5.

When it comes to platform choice, this broker offers few types of platforms. Our Forex Broker Inc Scam review will try to get an overview on most of them.

Meta Trader 4 at Forex Broker Inc

This platform is well-know to most of Forex traders that trade Forex for a living. Familiar and fast Meta Trader 4 is available at almost any broker these days. This broker allows you to use this platform on you Windows computer or on your phone. Unfortunately, Mac version is not available, so you will have to try other trading solutions from this broker.

forex trading inc scam platform

FB Inc Sirix Web Trader Availability

Another platform that you can use is Sirix Web trader. This platform is made for traders that do not have a Windows PC or do not want to download trading platform. There are no differences between normal Sirix and the one that Forex Brokers Inc is offering. So if you like this platform, you can use it at FB Inc.

Additionally, this broker allows you to get this platform for your tablet or smartphone and trade on-the-go. So, feel free to try it, before you decide to trade with questionable scam.

Forex Broker Inc Scam Regulations

As Forex Broker Inc Scam Review told you before, this broker is unregulated. It is trying to justify itself by the fact that regulated brokers are not allowed to offer its services to US clients. But, we are not sure that it is all the truth and that you should believe this.

Trading with such brokers can be more risky and the chances of not seeing your profits ever again are pretty high, so be aware!

Forex Broker Inc Scam Review Conclusion

When it comes to conclusion, it is difficult to say certainly if Forex Broker Inc is Scam or not. If you are from the Europe you should probably go for other broker, like Plus500. It is just not worth risking for.

But if you are from the USA and want to trade Forex, there is not much of a choice left for you. You can either trade with this broker or go for another one that has even worse reputation.

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