CoolBitX and Changelly are now partners

October 20, 2018

Being able to have a good service of transfers within the cryptocurrency market is an asset people are willing to pay for. Because of the sensitiveness of cryptos, every second is essential for the biggest profits. Therefore every E-wallet developer has started to look for new opportunities and partnerships with the best providers. CoolBitX who is acrually the creator of the first ever mobile hardware wallet, was able to find exactly this type of deal with the crypto exchange provider Changelly. Changelly features instant transfers and exchange of every CoolWallet featured cryptos.

What’s in it for you?

If you are a crypto holder then you understand the pain of trying to find a reliable storage privder. The only things you can sort of trust and use are wallets and hardware options. However the two services have become very outdated, because the innovations in the blockchain world have long outraced them and left them behind. CoobiX and Changelly are aiming to fix exactly that problem and feature trade, exchange, purchase and storage features on their new joint platform. No longer will you need to face days of transfer procedures and high commission fees.

If your desire was to be able to access Changelly exchanges easily, then you desire is coming true. Because Changelly and CoolBitX both realized how important it was to feature each other’s services in order to maximize the amount of people they could house on their platform. In contrast to reluctant customers not willing to feature separate accounts, this joint venture will help them stay within 1 platform. Changelly brings to the table more than 2 million users for CoolBitX to service with its large stache of cryptocurrencies. Everyone will be able to access the most popular ones like Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP and etc.

Whats the plan for the future?

The mass market can only be tapped into with immaculate service. This is what the two companies are hoping to achieve by collaborating in the industry. They want to give the customer ability to spend, send, swap and receive every type of cryptocurrency on the market, because nobody has ever done that. They want to be the very first who can take the title of “Crypto hub”, where all of the crypto services will be available. But for now, they provide services that is enough for a customer to apply to their whole crypto portfolio, and not have to leave out some less popular coins.