CoolBitX and Changelly are now partners
Articles / October 20, 2018

Being able to have a good service of transfers within the cryptocurrency market is an asset people are willing to pay for. Because of the sensitiveness of cryptos, every second is essential for the biggest profits. Therefore every E-wallet developer has started to look for new opportunities and partnerships with the best providers. CoolBitX who is acrually the creator of the first ever mobile hardware wallet, was able to find exactly this type of deal with the crypto exchange provider Changelly. Changelly features instant transfers and exchange of every CoolWallet featured cryptos. What’s in it for you? If you are a crypto holder then you understand the pain of trying to find a reliable storage privder. The only things you can sort of trust and use are wallets and hardware options. However the two services have become very outdated, because the innovations in the blockchain world have long outraced them and left them behind. CoobiX and Changelly are aiming to fix exactly that problem and feature trade, exchange, purchase and storage features on their new joint platform. No longer will you need to face days of transfer procedures and high commission fees. If your desire was to be able to…

Britain could become a potential hub for Fintech
Articles / October 18, 2018

Brexit has a lot of politicians and high authority individuals scrambling for ideas. A lot of them have started to seize opportunities with international partners about certain topics, given the fact that the UK will stop being under EU regulations and jurisdiction. One of these high authority individuals is Philip Hammond, who you may know as the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Hammond has talked about his plans on making the UK the hub for any potential fintech industry. In his words, it is essential that Britain remains as the key player in financial affairs around the globe, and for this, they will require an updated approach to innovations in the financial services market. What the Chancellor announced The statement was made at the IMF Annual Meeting in Bali, where the main reason for the gathering was exactly financial technology. Hammond emphasized his optimism about the whole ordeal of fintech and promised to be the gateway between the innovations in technology and Britain. he mentioned how important it was for the country to feature such services that will save customers money and refresh the market. One of the key components of Britain’s interest in the new fintech industry is obviously cryptocurrencies….

Coinbase UK – bringing in a lot of revenue for the year
Articles / October 16, 2018

Coinbase UK, which is a subsidiary to the worldwide crypto exchange platform Coinbase, has just released its numbers for the first year on the market. unfortunately, we cannot compare it to anything else, because this was their very first year on the British market which makes it impossible to give them a well thought out rating so far. Even though it is impossible to compare it to last year results in order to tell the growth rate because there are none. it is still possible to say that the company was able to procure quite a large amount of revenue for its first year in such a Forex and other trading assets heavy market. For a subsidiary they managed to do better than many other cases of subsidiaries, bringing in more than 125 million Euros as revenue. Most of the times when we mention revenues being quite high, we need to also mention the fact that some of the costs were high as well. In the case of Coinbase UK, the subsidiary had sales costs of nearly 120 million Euros. Add that to the administrative costs of nearly 4 million Euros the company still managed to squeeze through with a…

CFDs on Ether trading now available at Dukascopy
Articles / October 14, 2018

Cryptocurrencies have been finding themselves squeezing in pretty much every deal that FX or any other trading asset has seen. Today is not so different where the infrastructural preparations are continuing for the ICO of Ehereum blockchain and cryptos for Dukascopy, which is a Geneva-based Retail Forex broker and a bank. It has already announced that the procedures of operating Ether to US dollars CFD has already begun on its platform. Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market at this point, after Bitcoin, we believe that Ethereum is the safest to trade, regarding its market cap and accessibility to a lot of brokers worldwide. No wonder that Dukascopy opted for Ethereum and not Ripple, because of the price difference of the two, they would have to house a lot more Ripple rather than Ethereum. If you have a Dukascopy Europe self-trading account you can already give it commands to start trading on the Ethereum, USD CFDs. Leverages are pretty much the same as BTC/USD which will be 1:3 in Dukascopy Bank. However, Dukascopy Europe will be forced to lower the leverage to 1:2 because of the new ESMA regulations. Actually, Dukascopy is being very generous with…

An overview of Forex broker
Forex Broker Reviews / October 14, 2018

When it comes the time to pick the most ideal Forex broker, many traders find themselves swamped because there are hundreds if not thousands of FX brokers to choose from. You will need to rigorously evaluate and compare several FX brokers’ features in order to be able to pick the right one. is one of the many FX brokers you can opt for. In this review, we are going to take a peek at some of the key features of the firm. This will help us know whether the broker is legit or not.

7 Cryptos now available on JustForex!
Articles / October 12, 2018

Cryptocurrency has been one of the most popular investments not only for traders but for brokers as well. We have seen some of the most popular brokers delve into the crypto hype, almost all of them were able to turn a profit and kept the asset as one of their major tradeable. Because of this news circulating the internet, more and more brokers have started to join the ranks. The latest one being JustForex which is an international broker and brand of IPCTrade Inc. They have announced that they will start featuring seven crypto pairs to trade online with their platform. The firm actually started introducing cryptocurrencies back in September. it looked to be just a small testing experiment to see how well the platform would receive the addition. We believe it is safe to say that the platform loved it because the broker decides to immediately add 7 more pairs. Traders now have access not only to forex pairs (which are becoming irrelevant day by day) but also to commodities and 7 pairs of cryptocurrencies, allowing their customer base to catch up to the modern standards of trading. These are the Cryptocurrency pairs that will be available for trading…

iFX EXPO ASIA 2019 has just been announced!
Articles / October 10, 2018

It has already been announced that the famous iFX EXPO Asia 2019 will be held in Hong Kong starting 22nd of January and continuing for 2 days total. The Company behind iFX EXPO, Conversion Pros has taken lead in working on developing this event and has worked on it for the past few years. This year they managed to grab a very nice venue in Hong Kong, allowing the event to take place in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. The event itself will be focusing on connecting finance with technology. It has long been that the term fintech has arrived in our lives, creating an illusion that it was some other part of technology. However few understand the importance of technologies in today’s world economy. The fact that we are able to live the way we live is all thanks to technology being developed every day. It is just up to people to connect them to finance, just how blockchain happened a few years ago. The CEO of Conversion Pros, Gal Ron has already announced that he is looking forward to hosting one of the biggest B2B conventions of the year. He also adds that it is his…

LCG total revenue for 1H-2018 hits £18.6 million
Articles / October 7, 2018

FCA regulated Retail Forex, CFDs and Spread Betting broker London Capital Group Holdings announces its best results for the first half of 2018. The total revenue hits £18.6 million, up by 28% over the second half of 2017. LCG Chief Executive Comments on the Group Performance Mukid Chowdhury, LCG Group Chief Executive, commented on the results and said that all of the efforts made by the team returned LCG to profitability and improvement. The encouraging results demonstrate the LCG performance in the industry. Their way of product offering and customer serving conditioned the revenue growth and clients’ trust despite the challenging trading conditions and uncertainty in regulations. He also mentioned that in regards to the changes in the regulatory landscape, the services offered to the clients will be affected, especially about the level of leverage. However, LCG still continues working on the highest standards at this point and their goal is to get as much profit as possible from the business to be able to bring long-term sustainable growth. The Chief Executive talks about the company’s reputation as well. Since LCG has been in the industry for over 20 years, it is one of the leading providers for now having the loyal client…

ETX Capital Changes its Strategy after the Loss in 2016
Articles / October 1, 2018

Leaprate informs us about the FCA regulated broker ETX Capital and its loss of  £2.7 million in 2016, which was followed by the departure of its CEO, Andrew Edwards, and appointment of Arman Tahmassebi in the company’s management. In fact, ETX Capital profit of £264,000 for 2017 was not very welcoming. Increases and Decreases in the Revenues of ETX Capital Monecor (London) Limited, which is ETX Capital parent company, announced the results, which showed a revenue downward with 8.5% from 2016, earning £31.3 million versus £34.3 million. The decrease was conditioned by the changes in strategy, involving critical expending cuts and the focus on high net worth clients. Unlike the downfall in revenues, the company earned up to £129.6 million in client assets held at the end of 2017, compared with the profit of £58.4 million at the beginning of the year. ETX Capital Forex Broker also changed the structure of arrangements with non regulated introducers, so they will not be receiving tail payments anymore. As for another downward in the company, the main focus on higher net worth clients conditioned the decrease of  29% in the number of active customers in 2017. However, spread-per-customer rose by 24% and from total revenue in 2017, spread revenue held…