Karen Talbot George Soros. Prophet of an Open Society
Forex Books For Beginners / October 8, 2015

Heard a lot of stories about George Soros, but not sure which one you should trust? This book will open your eyes on the career of one of the best traders and money managers in the world. Use his career path as a guide for making your own success in the Forex Market. George Soros. Prophet of an Open Society Short read for those who are interested how do you make your path from zero to bilions of dollars. Recommended for beginners.

John J. Murphy Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets
Fundamental Analysis Books / October 7, 2015

Getting your own Forex strategy is always difficult. This is why it is important to get a nice book that will help you to develop your own strategy through different methods of analysis. Full guide to methods and applications is kept in this book. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets Allmost 550 pages of complete guide that should be used as a manual for Forex trading. This book will definitely help you to develop your own strategy.

Jack Schwager Guide to Winning with Automated Trading Systems
Automated Trading Books / October 4, 2015

Forex trading robots are getting more and more popularity every year. The reason for this is rather simple – Automated Trading System lets you benefit from your profitable trading strategy, while it does not require you to spent lots of time and next to the PC. Jack Schwager Guide to Winning with Automated Trading Systems is a course manual that lets you get better in EA Trading. Guide to Winning with Automated Trading Systems This is a 95 page manual that is composed mostly out of the screenshots and explains how a system can be tested and automated to achieve profits in trading. Take 25 USD account from easy-forex and start implementing new strategies into your trading right away!

Bill Williams Trading Chaos
Other / October 4, 2015

Many trading are using Bill Williams indicator as a part of their trading strategy. Find out the main definitions and reasons behind this theory at Bill Williams Trading Chaos Books.

Benjamin Graham The Interpretation of Financial Statements
Fundamental Analysis Books / October 4, 2015

Benjamin Graham, famous for his book The Intelligent Investor and for being a smart investor himself highlights the main knowledge behind understanding the macroeconomic data in his book The Interpretation of Financial Statements. The Interpretation of Financial Statements Read this book in order to understand how to enhance your knowledge of fundamental analysis by properly reading and comprehending the macro economic data.

Arthur Hill Introduction To Candlesticks
Forex Books For Beginners / October 4, 2015

Read this great book by Arthur Hill and get yourself introduced to the candlestick analysis. Within just 50 pages of Arthur Hill Introduction To Candlesticks PDF, you will be able to understand the basics of this type of forecasting and will be able to implement it in your trading. Introduction to Candlesticks What Candlesticks Are Candlestick Anatomy Various Types Of Patters Lots of Charts Practical Implementation

Linda Bradford Raschke Trading Titans
Other / October 4, 2015

This is not really a book, it is rather a 4 page brochure that is sill quite interesting to read. Pattern Cycles: Trading Titans Contents Trading As A Game Keeping Notes Attitude Towards Volatility Tips Role Of Discipline

Alexander Elder Trading For A Living
Forex Books For Beginners / October 4, 2015

How does it feel to have trading as your hobby, occupations and profession? Find it all out in the great book – Alexander Elder Trading For A Living. The book is old, long (360 pages) and contains lots of wisdom behind trading theory from a known professional – A.Elder. Pattern Cycles: Trading For A Living Individual Psychology Mass Psychology Chart Analysis Neglected Essentials Various Indicators Sign Up to get this book trading-for-a-living FXL Good Forex books can boost your trading. It is even better if you can test your new knowledge on free Forex bonus. This is why we advise you to take free 25 USD from Markets.com and test everything you read in the book on it.

Alan Greenspan Cyclicality and Banking Regulation
Other / October 4, 2015

Alan Greenspan Cyclicality and Banking Regulation by Alan Span is a 4 page read that does not have a direct impact on the traders, rather is something that can improve your overview on banking. Cyclicality and Banking Regulation This is rather a short brochures than a book, yet it can be useful for some traders in order to understand the role of banks in trading and how the banking minds work

Find Forex Course
Articles / October 4, 2015

What is the best Forex trading tool? Education. Yes, with good education, you are all set to conquer the forex market. Forex trading is not difficult if you first educate and train yourself properly. Many new traders simply don’t try to educate themselves when they start trading. They just learn a few general concepts thinking that the rest they will learn while trading.