September 19, 2016

There is a lot of things that want to tell you in this ITRADER review. Want to know why we consider this broker as a reliable one? Read our full ITRADER Review!



ITRADER is a CySEC regulated broker that makes sure that your investments are secured! Let’s proceed to our full review of ITRADER.

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Opening an Account

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The real trading account is opened in 3 steps. Firstly, the trader has to provide the required information to register the account. Afterward, it is needed to give data about the experience and any previous involvement in trading financial markets.

When the previous steps are completed, the trader has to meet the minimum deposit requirement. The live account can be opened in 3 currencies – USD, EUR and GBP. The minimum deposit is $250 or the equivalent in other account base currencies. A practice account is offered too, which is accessible after live account setup.

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We tried to find any information regarding welcome bonuses or trading promotions. ITRADER review found out that this broker offers welcome bonus of up to $30k. Also, this bonus is tailored to every newcomer by the ITRADER account manager.

Trading Conditions

We have detected three real trading account packages at ITRADER Forex broker:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Overall, Platinum looks like the most luxurious account option. In addition to everything available in Silver account, the owners of the ITRADER Platinum account will have a dedicated account manager, news alerts, full access to premium webinars and tutorial videos as well as free VPS. Additionally, Platinum account owners can open the Islamic or Swap-Free account.

Moreover, ITRADER currency broker offers variable or floating spreads. You can see the examples of spreads on Forex majors below:

itrader broker

So which instruments can one trade? Basically, ITRADER offers around 50 currency pairs, 18 stock indices, 17 commodities and around 100+ stocks. Maximum leverage available for FX trading is 1:500.

ITRADER Reviews: Trading Platform

The core trading platform offered on ITRADER website is MT4. It comes up here with 3 versions, i.e. desktop, WebTrader and mobile apps for Android or iOS devices. ITRADER allows automated trading and hedging on all the platforms.

ITRADER Deposits and Withdrawals

We should admit that transfer methods at ITRADER FX broker are standard for regulated Forex brokers. Either to deposit or withdraw funds, the trader can use one of the following options:

itrader scam

To become eligible for withdrawals, it is required to provide a copy of ID and document of residence.

Extra Information

ITRADER Broker is registered in Limassol, Cyprus. The firm has obtained a license from CySEC. Considering many positive ITRADER opinions, we advise you to sign up with this Forex broker.

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ITRADER Review Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.


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Good broker, I recommend it for everybody.
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  • Lars Jensen

    Did a research about one of my broker I do trading with and came across this review. I’m registered to and do my trades in forex with them mainly because I like the platform which is the MT4. A lot of details in this article I have not yet got to review in my search. I had not encountered any problem with this broker, I make my deposits, do my trades and withdraw my winning when I do. I would like to know more about this broker.

    • catherine has

      Hi im about to start working with them

  • Michael Bronislav

    didn’t have any problem so far with this broker….my last withdrawal took me for just about 3 or 4 days i think, and i like their security measures when it comes to withdrawal..they really dig deep to the account’s information and that makes me feel that my money are being secured well…. Anyway, as mentioned above regarding Platinum’s Islamic account, even Silver and Gold does have one really….i did a research and their website also says they do have….

  • Nadine Blau

    As of now, I have tried several brokers and with this one is where I stick. I don’t know, but when I started trading here I didn’t experience any hassle or problem. Though there this one time that I really waited for 2 weeks for my withdrawal but then when I asked the customer service about it, they told me that they are just fixing some technicalities in their system and that was the first and last I experienced that. One year being here has been really a hassle and worry free! If you would really ask me, why I keep on sticking with this broker — because of the great experience I had with this broker. T’was able to help me earn an extra income!

  • Bennet

    I didn’t experience any issues in my previous months trading with this broker..i was able to talk to the customer service all the time and request for my withdrawal whenever i want. of course i need to wait for a week before i can get my money.. that’s the processing days for the silver account i guess.


    Hi there,

    Can I ask if anyone had any problem withdrawing their money and if there were any fees on use of bonuses etc?? I have invested money and would like to know this is safe. This is a concern. Thank you ….. Debbie

    • Caitlin Rogers

      Hello Debbie.

      I am Caitlin from United Kingdom, and I am new to this broker as well. Trading for months now, but based on my experience I can say that I didn’t have any issues with this broker. As of the bonuses, I can’t say more about it because I haven’t had an experience. However, I will look unto it and update you once I found something. Nevertheless, trading is all about taking risk and trusting the right broker.


        Hi Caitlin,
        Can’t thank you enough for coming back to me. I would love to know more Caitlin, please update me. Thank you so very much. Have you had your money returned to you ok?. Any problems with withdrawals?. Please let me know. Thank you.
        Kind regards,


        Dear Caitlin,
        Just want to thank you for your information about ITRADER.
        I am much happier with everything now.
        Kind regards,
        Debbie Hazeltine

        • Caitlin Rogers

          Hello, good to hear that you are now happy!

      • Robert Coveney

        Hi Caitlin. As a UK (English) ITrader I wonder if you would care to have a look at my recent post and perhaps comment.
        Thank you.

  • Felix Kruse

    Did a research about this because I saw their post about partnering with Manchester City Football Club, a huge move for a trading company. Kind of hard to classify as a scam given all the publicity they have with the Partnership. So far friends of mine have no problem with them. I only have started recently and smooth trade so far.

  • Robert Coveney

    Hello ITraders. I have an issue with ITrader which I hope I might resolve by posting here, I guess I’m ‘clutching at straws’ so to speak. I am English but I live in France and that I believe is the problem. I signed up with ITrader and placed my deposit on the 6th Jan 2017. I am a complete novice so I need guidance. ITrader were as good as their word and a French Lady contacted me via telephone very quickly. She spoke French so quickly the even my wife, who is fluent, could not understand her, however, my wife was able to ascertain that she (French Lady) would get an English speaking account manager to contact me. Unfortunately I had to go out for an hour and, you guessed it, he rang whilst I was out. He left a message and asked me to call back but omitted to leave a contact number. I rang the English help line and someone answered in French ?? That person immediately replaced the hand-set when I spoke English. I did try again and managed to speak to another person, a Lady. who spoke very good English. I duly told her my tale of woe. She assured me that my English speaking account manager would contact me very soon and asked me to stay available. That was the 6th, we are now at the 12th and still I’ve heard nothing. I have received many emails from ITrader, in French and too technical. Although I can just about get by in French I certainly could not manage a trading account in French, too technical, so the emails are useless to me. I have emailed ITrader many time but have received no replies. Yesterday I sent an email in French courtesy of Google Translate and even that remains unanswered. I am totally frustrated. I have posted here in the hope that someone from ITrader might see it of hear about my situation. I need my account to be transferred to the ITrader UK section. If only someone could have the courtesy to reply to me……………..To those of you who read this, please forgive my rant………….You have a nice day.

    • Caitlin Rogers

      So sad to hear your story, but as of now all I can do for you is I will try to talk to my account manager from Itrader if it would be possible for him to help you. If it’s not too much kindly provide your email address because sometimes I don’t have enough to check my account in this site.

      • Robert Coveney

        Hi Caitlin, thank you for your reply.
        Email is: – I’d be delighted to communicate with you.
        Have a nice day.

        • Caitlin Rogers

          Hello Robert,

          I’ll be reaching you out through email 🙂