What is high frequency trading (HFT) and why is it popular in FX trading?
Articles / March 15, 2018

When Paul Julius Reuter began sending stock market quotations between London and Paris in 1851 via a cable underneath the English Channel he reflected a need for speed that has persisted with the markets. It was bad news for the poor old carrier pigeons who used to take the stock prices but better news for investors who wanted to be able to swiftly react to events.

What are the major cryptocurrency exchanges and are they safe?
Articles / February 21, 2018

A cryptocurrency exchange is a website where one can buy, sell or even exchange cryptocurrencies for other alternative currencies or Fiat currencies. Some of the alternative currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Tron while examples of Fiat currencies include USD, AUD, GBP and EUR. If you are looking forward to trading professionally on an exchange, then you will need to open an account with one. There are instances too when you don’t need to open an account – when you want to just trade once. The authenticity of a cryptocurrency exchange is just as important as the genuineness of the currency you hold or want to trade in. If you are holding Bitcoin coins or want to deal in them, you will need to find a safe online Bitcoin casino that is of good repute and whose transactional fees are low and easily understood. Other things to look for include the payment methods offered, geographical restrictions and verification requirements. Here are some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to check out; Coinbase This cryptocurrency exchange has grown to become one of the biggest players in the market. It is used by millions of traders who are spread across the world. The…

MT4 also known as Meta Trader 4: One of the most used Online Platforms Trading
Articles / November 21, 2017

Meta Trader 4 is an online forex trading software which most traders, investors, as well as daily spinners, find highly user-friendly to conduct forex business. The software is designed by MetaQuotes. It is debatably one of the most recognized and accepted modes of forex trading worldwide. It is connected to the internet and therefore it means traders can get real-time trading information wherever they are at any time.

A proper way to manage your capital
Articles / November 17, 2017

Foreign exchange market is a phenomenon that does not stop surprise people. Being a broker is considered an easy way to success and a never-empty bank account. Of course, if you know the rules. A good trader needs to work out a reasonable way to manage his capital because without a smart plan, there is a big chance for a big loss. How to play it smart and not lose your capital?

How to identify ICO scams?
Articles / October 4, 2017

Today if you are looking any ICO related phrase, you may still find information that is related to an .ico file format, a type of a file that has been existing for over 20 years. Yes, we are talking about the icons used by the operating systems to make your folders and other shortcuts look beautiful. However, in 2017 the abbreviation ICO has gotten itself a completely new meaning – Initial Coin Offering. It is a process through which a company issues some sort of tokens which are sold on the market at the flat rate during some limited amount of time. This way of investing has opened up the doors for small companies to start raising the funding, while it has also given a great way for the frauders to launch various ICO scams. Today we are going give you a few actionable tips on how not to be an ICO victim, let’s go ahead. Research the opinions online There are quite many people on Reddit and other networks and sites that are discussing the potential of the ICOs – be sure to check them out. There are also websites that are specialising in reviewing ICOs, this will be…

Why trading with a high leverage is a pure gamble
Articles / June 18, 2017

Leverage is a novel idea that has made the Forex market very attractive to individual traders, which is why so many of us are getting into the industry. Leverage in Forex trading can go as high as 1000:1, which means you can control 1000 times the value of a trade compared to the margin you put up. On its face, it sounds like a great offer, make a $100,000 worth trade with only $100! Until you consider the flipside.

Spotting Buy And Sell Signals With MACD
Articles / April 25, 2017

The MACD, which is short for Moving Average Convergence Divergence, is an incredibly important tool to most traders, and for good reason. It’s a great technical indicator for signaling when is the best time to buy, and when is the best time to sell an asset. By using two separate moving averages, the tool gives a depiction of the strength of a trend and provides a signal when the trend is going to change. This is done by subtracting the 26-day EMA from the 12-day EMA, and using a nine-day EMA of the MACD itself as a signal line. Because the MACD trading strategy is so simple to understand, it has become a prime tool in the profitable traders’ tool box! Here’s how it all works… The Pieces Of The MACD Puzzle At the end of the day, there are really only two parts to the MACD that traders should keep a close eye on. Those include: MACD Line: First and foremost, we have the MACD line, which is ultimately the life-blood of the indicator. The MACD line is a line that is created by subtracting the 26 day EMA from the 12-day EMA. The result of the subtraction leads…

Top 5 tips for Binary Options Trading for Beginners
Articles / April 5, 2017

Binary options are relatively new trading methods that were introduced to the retail investors in the year 2008 after its approval by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.  Since binary options are easily accessible through online trading platforms and better risk to reward ratio when compared to other trading methods, many beginners have started to invest their money in binary options trading. As implied by its name, binary options have two possible outcomes for each trade. In order to succeed in a binary options trade, you should be able to accurately predict the price movement of an underlying asset and in that case, your option expires “In the money”. But if your prediction goes wrong and your option expires “out of the money”, you will lose the trade and also the amount invested in the particular trade. Binary options can be easier for beginners but in order to attain a decent success ratio, you should spend a lot of time learning about market trends and how the asset prices fluctuate due to different market conditions. Some important tips for a beginner to become successful with binary options trading are: Choosing a Reliable and Licensed Broker The first step towards…

How to find good Forex webinars?
Articles / February 22, 2017

As a people interested in the FX trading, you will often be invited by a number of brokers to attend their webinars. At first, it may certainly seem like a good idea, as you are able to get some insights in the live mode. Well, it is not actually the truth, as sometimes the quality of the speakers and their knowledge is quite mediocre. In this short guide, we will explain to you how to find the best possible webinars and stick to them. Premium webinars There are quite a few webinars that are not hosted by the brokers, but by some professional traders. Sometimes those are quite good, but sometimes they are just another scam. Similar to professional Forex trading lessons, a certain trader that is doing the webinars on a high level would have no problem providing some trial access or a record of the previously held session. If some content is only available on the premium basis and there is no preview available – skip it straight away. Broker webinars There are many brokers that do online Forex education. Some of them are really good, others are saving and providing just some basic topics. What you have…