Xtrade Review
Forex Broker Reviews / July 30, 2016

Want to find a good CFD broker and start trading with it? Today we present you one of the long-time players in the online CFD’s brokerages arena. Can it beat the competition and become your choice number one? Is there anything offered by Xtrade that will make you sign up with it right away? Find out in our honest Xtrade review below! Traders told us that this broker is unreliable! Xtrade Forex Broker Forex and CFD broker that does not charge a commision on every trade that you make. One of the new brokerages that tries to bring you high quality trading.

AlfaTrade: Price Interest Points are the Key to Real Forex Profits
Articles / July 30, 2016

The price interest point is commonly called the PIP in forex trading. It’s one of the most fundamental concepts of currency trading and is useful for determining profits and losses on any trade. Let’s talk about the price interest point and it’s importance in forex trading. They are the key to real forex profits.

Larry Williams How To Trade Better

Are you afraid of loosing your deposit? Larry Williams has written a book “How to Trade Better: Eliminate Your Fear” that will help you to overcome your fears! Bring your trading to the whole new level using strategies recommended by professional! Download it for free in pdf from this page!

Fortrade Review
Forex Broker Reviews / July 17, 2016

Based in the UK and started in 2011, Fortrade is an online forex trading company that is regulated by the FCA. Read our Fortrade review to find out if this brokerage house is legitimate or the Fortrade scam.

Forex Stop Loss Strategy
Strategies / July 4, 2016

Knowing when to exit a trade can be a problem to many of you. You might learn everything there is to know about trends, charts, and various popular trading methods, but if you don’t know when a trade is going south and miss an opportunity to place an exit, it is of no use to you in your business. Every serious Forex trader pays close attention to safety and setting a stop loss order is a clever way to protect their funds.

Price Action Forex Trading Strategy
Strategies / July 4, 2016

When it comes to various trading strategies, successful Forex traders often point out that it is impossible to trade without combining both fundamental and technical analysis within a trading strategy you are using. Yes, that might be the safest approach to trading Forex, but there are plenty of solid trading strategies which do not have both of those elements.

Best Forex Trend Trading Strategy
Strategies / July 4, 2016

If you have been wondering which trading strategy is the most popular among Forex traders, the answer would be the trend trading strategy. It is the go-to trading method when you are uncertain as to which approach to take or you are simply confused by the other options out there. Forex trend trading strategy is easy to learn and very straight forward. It is suitable for beginners but many professional traders swear by it as well.